Pregnancy Massage: Everything You Need to Know

Pregnancy is a very special, but at the same time highly sensitive period in a life of a woman. The body is going through a series of changes and adjustments so it could accommodate a new life. Nausea, swelling, spasms, bloating and many other symptoms are normal parts of pregnancy that can cause a lot of discomfort. However, all those discomforts can be relieved with a massage.

The benefits of pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage is the perfect remedy for headaches, sciatic pain, lower back pain, lack of sleep, and swelling caused by fluid retention. Pregnancy-induced insomnia can be a big problem for many moms-to-be, and research has shown that massage therapy improves sleep quality. It also helps with the back pain caused by excessive walking or standing. Not only will you physically feel better, but pregnancy massage will also reduce stress and calm your nerves. Thanks to massage therapy, the muscle tension is lowered, which leads to increased relaxation and blood circulation, giving you more energy, so you won’t be as tense and stressed out. It’s perfect for joint flexibility improvement, and it increases blood flow. Circulation problems are common in pregnancy, and massage therapy helps with that issue as well. Increased pressure on the major blood vessels causes edema, but with a good pregnancy massage, the soft tissue is stimulated well, leading to reduced fluid retention and the removal of tissue waste. Perinatal depression is another common condition that can seriously affect both the mother and child, but after a pregnancy massage, depressive symptoms tend to be significantly reduced. Furthermore, the massage helps hormones such as norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine change and lessen the number of complications that can happen during birth. Reducing the tension and muscle tightness, prenatal and perinatal massage tends to result in better milk production and easier breastfeeding.

Post care

During the massage, toxins are released from the muscles, so it’s important to take in a lot of fluids throughout the day. After you get a pregnancy massage, drink plenty of water, so that the body can eliminate the toxins successfully. What’s more, you should be staying away from caffeinated drinks while you’re pregnant, but do it, especially before this treatment. Also, don’t exercise 24 hours after the massage, and don’t worry if you feel a little strange once the treatment is done. The body will try to expel all the toxins, so it’s normal to feel slightly off balance.

When not to have it

You can have a pregnancy massage at any point during your pregnancy if you don’t have any risk factors. A previous history of miscarriage, severe morning sickness, high blood pressure, diabetes, and pre-eclampsia are all very serious conditions that put both mother and child in danger. A mother should not have a massage if she suffers from any of those problems. What’s more, every mom-to-be should be more careful at treating the abdomen during the first trimester, so the massage should be applied to other body parts. Be sure to always consult with your doctor before you decide to have a massage so they can estimate whether it’s safe for you or not.

Final thoughts

Pregnancy massage is a great way to reduce headaches, back pain, stress, and anxiety, as well as many other discomforts future moms experience during these nine months. Therefore, if you ever wish to pamper yourself some more, feel free to schedule an appointment. However, make sure your doctor approves it because if you’re suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, or preeclampsia, a massage might not be such a good idea. Your and your child’s health is the number one priority, so always seek advice from the doctor, to be sure you’re about to make a good choice.

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