Planting Your First Garden This Year? 4 Steps to Keep It Thriving

Most first-time gardeners struggle to be successful with their gardens. You don’t have to be one of the ones who fail from the beginning, though. Instead, follow these four tips to help you keep your garden thriving.

Start Small

In your first year as a gardener, don’t try to start with a half-acre garden. Instead, try to just start with a few seeds of a few different types of plants. By only planting some things instead of everything you want to plant in the beginning, you’ll prevent yourself from being overwhelmed. It is a good idea to start small because then you can learn. The more you learn about gardening and managing your garden, the bigger you can make it in the coming years.

Grow What You Can

If you love avocados but live in a chilly climate, growing avocados might be disappointing. Avocado trees only grow where it’s really warm. Take your location into consideration before you even start planning your garden. Only plant things that will grow in the climate you are in. Otherwise, you’ll end up disappointed that your favorite fruits and vegetables aren’t growing how you want them to.

Dispose of Things the Right Way

If you have waste from your garden or if you want to get rid of some of the vegetation around where you are making your garden, you may need trash or rubbish management. A good management company will help you figure out what you need to get rid of and how to do it. They may also be able to help you figure out what to do with any waste that comes from your garden. Always check with a management company first before you start throwing dirt and old vegetables into your bin.

Don’t Waste Your Money

For many people, the point of planting a garden is to save money on fruits and vegetables they would normally buy from the store. This will not work, though, if you are spending a lot of money on the water it takes to keep up with your garden. While the sunlight you need to grow them is free, the water may not be. Unless you are in an area where you can collect rainwater or you have a well, consider the cost of watering your garden.

Most people run into problems with their first garden. But, if you’re prepared, your first garden won’t end in total disaster. Plan ahead, know what to plant and have the best garden possible.

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