Pack Rats: 5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Your Junk and Clutter

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If you want to have more space in your home, getting rid of your clutter will be a good first step. You’ll likely have more extra room than you thought was possible once you’ve eliminated the items that you no longer need. Here are a few great tips for de-cluttering your home.

Determine What You Really Need

Going through each of your items will allow you to separate the possessions that you need from the stuff that’s just taking up space. You should ask yourself how often you use each belonging and whether or not it will be practical for future use. Any item that is no longer useful should be removed from your home promptly so that you don’t forget to do it.

Check Expiration Dates

Foods and medications may have passed their expiration dates and are now just wasting space. Even hairspray, cosmetics, and other toiletries become outdated eventually. Expired items can also sometimes be dangerous to use and should be discarded immediately.

Hire Professional Junk Removers

Certain companies offer junk removal services for people who want to de-clutter their homes. Many of these service providers are equipped to haul away large and small items and take extra precautions to not cause property damage. The junk and garbage removal services provided by some of these companies can also make homes more sanitary and easier to clean.

Look for Duplicates

Check to see if there are duplicates of certain possessions. You might find some of these duplicates by going through your clothes, electronics, and tools. You should also check for duplicates of any kid or pet toys that you may have. If you still get some of your entertainment from DVDs and CDs, you may have extra copies that can be discarded.

You’ll likely be amazed by all the belongings that you don’t really need when you start compiling them for donation. Going through your clothes, jewelry, and electronics will help you amass your donation pile and clear out your closets and drawers. In addition to freeing up more space around your home, donating the possessions that you no longer need will help other people who are less fortunate. Good Housekeeping also notes that you can write off any items that you donate on your taxes.

You can change your packrat ways by downsizing your belongings. By eradicating these unwanted items from your home, you’ll have a freer, more open living space.

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