Mommy To Be: 3 Sound Pieces Of Advice For First-Time Parents

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First-time parents may be filled with equal parts nervousness and excitement. Looking forward to having a new little one to love may battle with one’s feelings of not knowing how to care for the newborn. Of course, there is much one can learn from long-time parents and healthcare practitioners. However, below are three of the biggest tips that will help prevent a world of problems.

Know How to Avoid Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can happen despite one’s best efforts to avoid them. However, knowing what to expect during labor and delivery and being unafraid to ask questions can help prevent many birth injuries from occurring. Some common ones include bruising of the infant’s face and body during the birthing process, broken bones or displaced joints due to difficulty passing through the birth canal, and brain injury. Parents should be sure to insist on proper monitoring of mom and baby during the process. When injuries do happen, parents can turn to malpractice lawyers, such as Snyder & Wenner, P.C., who can help them with legality questions they may have.

Never Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Many new parents feel as if they have to do everything for themselves in the first months. This can lead to them feeling overwhelmed and physically and mentally drained. Parents can ask family and friends for help with laundry, cleaning or cooking and can take up offers for babysitting without feeling guilty.

Know How to Prevent SIDS

SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. While there is no way to prevent this distressing event completely, parents can take many steps to lower the risk of it occurring. They should always put their babies to sleep on their backs without anything, such as blankets or stuffed animals, in the crib with them. The baby’s mattress should be firm, clean, and reliable.

It can be difficult to think about all the bad things that can happen to newborns. However, being armed with the knowledge of how to prevent or at least lower the risk of these things can allay many fears. New parents must remember that it is impossible to have the answer to all of their concerns all at once. Facing these challenges with patience and with kindness oneself will decrease stress and help parents remember that they are always doing the best that they can for their new babies.

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