Mold to Magic–Renovating a Room with Water Damage

Finding mold is going to bring your renovations to a grinding halt, and those spores can be extremely dangerous when you are exposed to them for long periods of time. If you have recently found mold in a room that you plan on renovating, or if you have decided to fight a longstanding mold outbreak with renovations, then you must come up with a plan for destroying the spores and preventing future outbreaks. Here are some tips to help you renovate a room with water damage.

Air Out the Room

Inhaling mold can result in a wide variety of health problems, and you must immediately air out the room if you find any patches on the walls, floor, or ceiling. In addition to getting rid of some of the spores, airing out the room is also going to lower the humidity levels. With lower humidity levels, the mold won’t be able to grow as quickly. At the very least, you should open the windows and turn on all fans.

Destroy the Spores

There are many different ways to destroy mold spores, and you can head to the store and pick up any number of products that are specifically designed for this job. You also have the option of creating a homemade solution that kills the spores. With a mixture of bleach and warm water, you should be able to destroy most of the mold spores. Put the solution in an old spray-bottle and spread it over any surface that has spores. You should also wear a respirator and gloves whenever you are using this mixture. To make sure that you can keep out future infections, before you remodel, you should have an inspector come out and test the drywall and other areas. This will let you know exactly how far your remodel or renovation has to go.

Find the Source of Moisture

After the mold has been cleared out, you must then find the source of the moisture or water. Mold outbreaks often occur when a pipe is leaking, and that type of damage should usually be handled by a professional plumber. A damaged or outdated HVAC system is another common problem that many homeowners struggle with. For a damaged HVAC system, you can hire a heating repair company like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors to fix the outdoor condenser and attach pipes to the system that direct the condensation away from your home.

Regularly Check for Future Outbreaks

The final step in this process is carefully inspecting the room once every few weeks. Even if you found the source of the moisture, there could be other leaky pipes or faucets in your home. The easiest way to keep an eye on the situation is to purchase a wireless moisture sensor. One of those devices will beep or chime whenever it detects moisture or standing water. Once you have removed the mold, you can get started hiring contractors and replacing sections of the walls and floor, or making any other changes you had in mind. If the water damage was due to a flood or plumbing leak, you may be able to pay for the remodel through your insurance, so make sure to call them early in the process.

For major mold outbreaks, you should consider calling a company that specializes in mold remediation. Getting rid of larger outbreaks can be very time-consuming, and the mold will continue to spread if you don’t wipe out every single spore. By following these tips, you can quickly renovate a room that was previously soggy and full of spores.


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