4 Reasons to Perform Home Maintenance during Changing Seasons

Home maintenance is no picnic, and it’s more than applying a fresh coat of paint. The weather plays a crucial role in determining which actions you have to take to keep everything in top shape. Snow, rain, heat, and even leaves can affect the integrity of your residence, and that means you shouldn’t ignore the signs of nature. You need to plan accordingly depending on the seasons and take the necessary steps to avoid expensive repair costs.

Stay Cool

You want to be sure your home doesn’t need air conditioning repairs once the summer sets in. Temperatures during the hottest season of the year can be unbearable, and your home should have proper ventilation at all times. Ceiling fans have to be set to rotate counterclockwise, and the filter of your A/C should be clean. If you fail to do this late spring, your summer will not be pleasant.

Preserve Your Garden

As summer ends, prepare your well-kept garden for the temperature drop that fall brings. Take advantage of the opportunity to plant trees and shrubs that will sprout after winter. Water them carefully and get them ready before the first snow. Peonies, hydrangea, tulips, and daffodils are ideal for filling your garden as soon as spring arrives.

Avoid Freezing

Once leaves fall to the ground, it’s time for the cold season. Your chimney or furnace will play an essential role, and it has to be working in perfect order if you don’t want to freeze. Chimneys should be squeaky clean, and you should have enough firewood stored to keep a fire lit for a long time. If you suspect your furnace is not functioning properly, call a professional and make sure is examined thoroughly and repaired if necessary.

Keep Your Home Dry

As the snow from winter melts, be ready for what follows next, which is a lot of water. You will not only get water from the melted ice but also from the rainwater that is common during early spring. Keep the gutters clear from any material that might clog them. Also, inspect the sum pump and make sure it works properly or your home might end up with a flooded basement.

As you can see, there is no shortage of reasons for taking care of your home. Be diligent at all times as each season carries its own challenges, and the actions you have to take to preserve your home are different. Don’t get careless, or nature might damage your property more than you can imagine.

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