Living In Thailand: 5 Common Types Of Lawsuits

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Thailand is much like any Western country, in as much as it has a complex collection of laws, rules, and regulations; without which, a society could not function. Thailand, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and diverse legal landscape, experiences its fair share of business conflicts and high-profile defamation cases, contributing to a notable litigation culture. In this context, it is worth exploring the prevalent types of legal disputes commonly filed in Thai courts.


Probably the most common lawsuit is when one party is owed money by another party. In the face of unanswered correspondence and ignored attempts at communication, creditors may find themselves left with no choice but to embark on an unpredictable journey of legal action, as they strive to reclaim the funds owed to them. In the event you are owed a considerable amount of money here in Thailand, one of the top law firms in Bangkok would take a look and give you all the options and predict an outcome. One must understand that should you win the case, that does not necessarily mean you will be repaid; if the other party has zero assets and is unemployed, they would probably end up with a custodial sentence if they were unable to comply with a court ruling.

Defamation/ Libel/Slander

It is common for a celebrity to file a lawsuit against a media outlet for misrepresentation. The offended party can claim that the published content is untrue and has negatively impacted their reputation. Sometimes the celebrity donates the money to a charity, as the financial gain was never the motive to take legal action, rather they wished to clear their name. Politicians occasionally resort to legal action when a rival says something negative about them that is untrue; should they win, they are awarded a sum of money and might insist that the offending party makes a public apology.

Business Conflicts

Commercial courts are full of cases filed for different reasons; it might be a breach of contract, or an unpaid invoice, or even malfeasance. Of course, not all conflicts make it to the courtroom, the majority are settled out of court by a contract negotiation lawyer in Thailand, which is a win-win for everyone. Corporations are often at loggerheads with the government over major civil engineering projects and these cases can drag on for years; Hopewell is a classic example – the only winners were the lawyers. In a twist of fate, the majority of these cases defy expectations by veering towards unexpected paths of resolution, often leading to out-of-court settlements that come as a surprise. Only a select few, seemingly chosen by destiny, would venture down the treacherous road to the courts for a final battle for justice.

Les Majeste

The Thai Royal Family are highly revered and any criticism would likely lead to arrest and possibly prison. Only people outside Thailand can say negative things about the monarchy and even so, in many cases, they could be arrested if they ever came to the country. All foreigners should be aware that it is forbidden to criticize Thai Royalty; doing so carries harsh penalties. It has been suggested that politicians use this law to attack rivals; there have been a few instances of this.

Asset Division 

When two people end their relationship and there are a lot of valuable assets involved, this is usually resolved in a courtroom. Will disputes come under this umbrella; when a person feels they received less than their relatives, they might file a lawsuit to have the Will declared null and void. Amidst the intricate labyrinth of legal complexities, where uncertainty lurks at every turn, attorneys hold the power to unravel the enigma and determine the fate of their client’s cases. As if guided by an enigmatic force, there are moments when these legal architects, sensing the slimmest of odds for success, dare to whisper their cautionary advice to the eager ears of their clients, urging them to abandon the pursuit and unravel a different path.

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The choice to file a lawsuit or navigate through litigation requires the expertise of a legal professional. Whether seeking financial compensation or facing legal challenges, the path to justice is guided by an experienced legal expert. A quick online search would lead you to an English-speaking lawyer near you.

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