Like Family Vacations? How to Safely Store Your RV in the Off Season

Your RV has taken you to many fabulous, far-off places to enjoy the beauty of our country. However, during the off-season, you’ll likely need to store your RV either at home or at a storage facility.

There are several steps to ensure your RV is stored safely. Skipping any of these steps could lead to disaster.

Winterizing Your RV

If you’re putting your RV into storage over the freezing winter, it’s important to winterize your RV. If you don’t, your water lines and tanks can freeze and burst, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Winterizing can also involve removing your house batteries, especially wet cell batteries.

The most critical step in winterizing an RV involves draining all of your tanks and clearing your water lines. You’ll need to blow out your water lines with gentle air pressure. Finally, you’ll need to run special RV antifreeze made for this purpose through the water lines.

If this seems too difficult or confusing, your local RV dealer or repair shop can winterize your RV for you.

Rodent-Proof Your RV

Rodents need a safe, dry place to spend the winter. Unfortunately, your RV could be the perfect place for mice and rats to call home. Once inside, rodents can cause a tremendous amount of damage.

Make sure any openings are sealed, either with caulking or metal mesh. Motorhomes can be more difficult to rodent-proof since these small critters often crawl in through the engine compartment and the dashboard. Do your best to seal off any potential entry points.

You can also place rodent repellent in and around your RV to deter mice and rats away in the first place.

RV Storage Facilities

If you cannot store your RV on your own property, you’ll need to find a secure RV storage facility or check out Parking Pad Ideas. It’s essential to find a facility with robust security; unfortunately, theft from RV storage facilities is not uncommon.

If you have a travel trailer, it’s important to store it with a hitch lock. It’s all too easy for a thief with a pickup truck to simply hitch up an unlocked trailer and drive away. If you are storing a motorhome, consider removing the engine battery while it’s in storage. Your RV storage facility may have the best security, but it’s also smart to take a few precautions yourself.

Your RV is among your most valuable possessions, both financially and emotionally. Proper storage can ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your trailer, 5th wheel, or motorhome for years to come.

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