Learn How to Get a Celeb to Follow or Notice You on Instagram 

Considering the clamor and chaos you see on Instagram; it looks like everyone in the world is trying to shine. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be an Instagram star and digital marketing is the best roadmap to get you there.

There’s a concerted desire to get celebrities to notice you or even follow you on the platform. While there are hundreds of them sharing snippets of their lives, you need to follow a simple pathway to be noticed by them.

Your comments must be sharp, even if you are not. Take the example of Singer Pink, a very famous celebrity out there. A beautiful soul with a terrific voice. People adore her more because she interacts with her fans, and just like any mother, she shares cute pictures of her little children.

By just playing the biggest fan card like most other users, you will not get anything. Rather, they will completely ignore you. Start a proper conversation. 

Ask insightful and relatable questions to celebs. Inspire them and make them think, and they will notice you. Repost their photos, share noticeable things, and yes, don’t forget the hashtag game.

Know the fundamentals

There are thousands of comments on celebrity social media handles. They don’t even have the time or bandwidth to read 5% of these comments. 

  • If there’s any chance that your favorite star reads your comment, it must be worth their time/attention. Bland friendship requests and casual compliments can never draw their attention. Hence, give creative comments to catch their eye.
  • Using direct messages is a good idea. Although celebrities get countless such messages, you need to properly DM your star the right way. 
  • Making them follow you back must top your bucket list. It’s incredulous to know that some celebrities do follow back their favorite fans/followers. Nicki Minaj, Dwayne Johnson, Weekend, and many others. Humor, wit, and persistence are the three essential elements to draw your favorite celeb’s attention.

Their elusive attention may be difficult, but not impossible. Ask questions that propel or force them to answer. Be respectful and polite and make sure you’re doing it at the right hour. 

Tag the person on your posts and ensure you have a presentable account. Use some funny and catchy tweets for the celebrity and never spam.

Becoming a celeb 

You don’t always need professional photographers, stylists, and marketing pundits to perfect your moves or make you look like some Hollywood celebrity or a Vogue material. 

  • You just take a clue from them and emulate the best one. The most basic thing is to check the Insta accounts of premier Hollywood stars, explore their selfies, check their posts/updates, and of course, follow them. 
  • Celebs excel in self-branding because they know they will be nothing if they don’t remain in the public eye. They use Instagram to promote their interests and build their brand. 

You can obviously count on sites to grow your following on Instagram. You can post a wide range of pictures, such as quotes, selfies, memes, videos, funny photos, daily life, time-lapse video, throwback images, and color themes and clothing stuff. 

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