It’s Time for Fall Cleaning: 4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Being a homeowner can be a joyous experience. However, it does come along with mundane responsibilities. One of these is getting your home prepared for the winter months that lie ahead. Here are four fall cleaning tips to assist you in your winter preparation efforts.

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Throughout the gorgeous spring and summer months, you’ve likely had your windows opened more often. While this great for your mental health and your physical comfort, it can also allow many outside pollutants into your home. Doing a deep clean of your carpets will remove those pollutants from the deep fibers within your carpets. This will also clear out some space so that when the pollutants of the winter months come in your home, they get trapped in the carpet instead of circulating in the air.

Do Some Pre-Winter Cleaning

Just take a few moments to walk around your home and you’ll find that you’ve probably accumulated a lot more items than you thought. Some of these items may just be junk taking up space in your home. The fall is the perfect time to clean out those unwanted items. If you have a lot that you’re getting rid of, you may need a dumpster rental. Move room by room through your home, evaluating items on how useful they are and how often you use them. You’ll clear up a lot of space which will make you feel more relaxed at the end.

Replace Filters

Dirty filters can reduce the effectiveness of your HVAC system. When winter time rolls around, your furnace will be kicked into high gear. Since this is going to increase your energy bill, you’ll want to ensure that you get as much heat out of your system as possible. By replacing your furnace filter, the hot air can flow more freely throughout your ducting system.

Chimney Cleaning

If you expect to use your fireplace this winter, having it swept out and the flue cleaned before. This will drastically help to reduce the risk of flue fires in your home. While the chimney sweep is there, have them do a visual inspection of your chimney as well. This will alert you to any other potential problems that you may have.

Getting your home prepared for this winter doesn’t have to be a challenging experience. By having a list of things that you need to do, you can work on accomplishing all of them. The above are four of the most popular winter preparation steps that you’ll want to perform on your home.

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