How Your Family Can Assemble a 72-Hour Emergency Kit

When it comes to dealing with an emergency, effective preparation can make a life-saving difference. Having to shelter in place due to a storm, earthquake or other natural disaster means that your family may have to get by with only the food and supplies they have on hand. Assembling a 72-hour emergency kit can be absolutely essential for ensuring that you and your loved ones will be better prepared.

Medical Supplies

Having a well-stocked first-aid kit or having enough prescription medication on hand are issues that can be easily overlooked during an emergency. Medical supplies are at least as important as other issues like food and shelter. Stocking a kit with plenty of pain medication, bandages, and antiseptics as well as other items like a spare pair of prescription glasses can make quite a difference. Make sure that this is stored in a water-proof case in case your belongings get wet in a storm.

Food and Water

When it comes to emergency supplies, consumables are often the item that people think of first. Stocking up on bottled water is easy enough, but finding enough shelf-stable food can seem like a more challenging undertaking. An emergency could mean a storm that keeps you shut in for weeks. It could also be the loss of a job or a tornado. Your home should be prepared for all sorts of variables. You can find a plastic bucket supplier so you have airtight containers to store grains, corns, flours, sugars, beans, rice, and any other necessities that you can use throughout the year. You should use your food storage throughout the year so it doesn’t spoil. That way you are always ready for an emergency.  You also save money when you buy these items in bulk. 

Lighting and Warmth

Lacking power during a blizzard or even just a cold winter night can quickly become very uncomfortable. Spare blankets and extra flashlights and must-have items for any emergency kit. Taking things a step further by investing in a home generator can even be worthwhile for those who live in isolated areas or colder climates. You can make your family emergency backpacks instead of throwing out backpacks when a new school year start. Keep a change of clothes and necessities so you can run out the door quickly.

Communication and Entertainment

A solar, crank, or battery-powered radio can provide your family with the ability to receive essential instructions or information during a major emergency. An external battery pack for cellphones and other mobile devices can also ensure that an emergency is less likely to leave your family without the ability to communicate. Throwing in a deck of cards or a few board games with the rest of your supplies may not be essential, but a little entertainment can often go a very long way.

The potential emergencies or types of disasters that may occur can differ greatly from one region to the next. From wildfires and power outages to hurricanes and blizzards, knowing which type of emergency may pose the biggest threat can help you to make more effective plans. Adding the right items, essential equipment, and other resources to your emergency kit can allow you to be better prepared for dealing with a specific type of emergency.

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