How Will Carpet Stains Harm Your Health?

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You know that feeling you get when you walk into a clean home? It’s a healthy, fresh scent and atmosphere that makes you love returning to the house. Whether you want to relax on the couch or walk across the floor in clean socks, clean carpets are a better alternative to messy, unclean odors and appearances. Dirty carpet harms your health, but Austin carpet cleaning is one way you can achieve the home environment you always dreamed of having. Now is the time to live stress-free by knowing the hazards that come with dirty carpets.

Irritants in carpets mean irritated lungs

Carpets trap dangerous particles, cockroach allergens, and dust mites. These particles and irritants seep into your lungs and cause difficulty breathing and long-term respiratory problems. The oxygen you breathe can dictate how you’re feeling, so if you’re breathing in dangerous pollutants, you can expect wheezing and coughing, and even ratting in your lungs. All of these signs suggest lung damage that’s occurring from the irritants buried in your carpet. For carpet owners with asthma, experts also say you have to worry about vacuuming triggering asthma symptoms. The respiratory risks, especially for asthma sufferers, prove that professional carpet cleaning is the best way to keep everyone in the house healthy.

Itchy and dry skin can last too long

It’s one thing to have dry skin temporarily and then get back to normal. It’s another to have persistent dry, itchy skin that leaves you scratching, peeling, and in the worst cases, bleeding. It all boils down to the materials that manufacturers use to make carpets. Most of the time, you only have so much control over how your carpet is made. That means, if you don’t want to scratch, burn, and see the effects of dry and cracked skin, you need to do more than apply lotion regularly. Ask yourself what living at home would feel like if you didn’t have contact dermatitis, a skin condition that can occur when you’re hovering around dust mites and other allergens lurking beneath your carpet. Over time, persistently dry skin can cause debilitating self-confidence issues as well as problems with your mental health. Who wants to spend all day trying to solve a dry skin problem that began with a dirty carpet? If not you, then now is the time to get a professional cleaning done.

Dirty carpets hurt your physical and financial health

If you think dirty carpets aren’t a big deal, think about how the physical consequences will also impact your financial health. If your carpets are never clean, you can make the mistake of investing hundreds in household products meant for carpet cleaning. But why, when a DIY stain-cleaning job doesn’t address the root cause of your carpet problems? You need deep cleaning and a carpet-protecting product to rid your carpet of contaminants and health threats as soon as possible. Try a DIY approach, and you’ll be paying more money to cover up a problem, not to mention the resulting respiratory and skin conditions which cost time and money. Installing hardwood floors might get you a good return on your investment in your home. However, the cheapest way to save money is to invest in professional carpet cleaning. That way you can protect your health and your wallet.

WOW Total Cleaning is your ticket to a clean, fresh-smelling carpet. But the health risks of a dirty carpet aren’t worth the risks of not picking up the phone and calling your nearest carpet cleaning service. These health problems take time to notice, and with that time comes more time and money you have to invest in getting healthy. If your home means a lot and your health is just as important, contact carpet cleaning professionals. Once you do, you can live without the health risks that come from dirty carpets.

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