What to Know When Starting to Workout

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Many people believe that if you want to lose weight, you should immediately start doing fat-burning programs. And if you want to build muscle mass, then you should immediately take on a powerful mass-gaining program. It is possible, but is it necessary? Are you interested in the overall success of your workout?

Here is the simplest and most reasonable answer to the question of what you need to know when starting to work out and how to prepare your body for any type of stress.

It will get easier over time

In the first training, an untrained person feels terrible. There is no endurance, and he suffocates from the slightest exertion. There is no coordination — legs, arms, and head live a separate life. And there is no strength either. The nervous system has to learn new things practically from scratch, and this is hard — both physically and mentally.

The most unpleasant training are the first ones, and in order to survive them, you need to set a minimum plan, which you can definitely do, and then it will be easier with each workout. Strength, endurance, and coordination will improve sooner than you think because the human body is built to move, not to sit or lay down for long periods. Moving is natural, and the body quickly remembers it.

After a couple of months, all unusual movements will begin to appear on the machine. Bones become denser, tendons and ligaments stronger, muscles begin to take shape, and fat goes away.

It is not necessary to kill yourself in training

For beginners, it seems that a wet T-shirt, green complexion, fainting, and a heart jumping out of the chest are what you need to strive for. They believe that the more suffering, the greater the reward and the better the results. And there is some truth in this: in order to get what you don’t have, you need to get out of your comfort zone. And this is always stress and discomfort.

Strength training can be very different, and a person with experience can choose how to train. Some people really like to be killed. But a beginner is not required to do this.

It is much more effective to choose the load according to your strength and leave the gym with the feeling that you could do a little more.

Muscle pain in the morning — not necessary, and sometimes harmful

Many people judge the effectiveness of training by how many muscles are sore the next day. This is almost always considered a sign of a well-done workout. But there is no connection between pain and muscle growth.

The phenomenon of delayed pain has not yet been fully understood, but today it is generally accepted that it is the result of inflammation (the immune response of the organism) due to microdamage in muscle fibers.

Micro-damage to the fibers is one of the stimuli for muscle growth, but this happens with any strength training, for this, it is not necessary to walk with load for several days. On the contrary, this indicates too much damage.

Hours of cardio is not necessary

Walking, running, cycling, stepper, ellipse and other types of cardio is good for the health of the heart, blood vessels, and joints. But hourly cardio every day is not necessary — it’s just a way to spend an additional several hundred calories. In addition, cardio on a diet makes some people sleepy, tired, and hungrier, which sabotages weight loss.

If you have to choose only one type of training, let it be a strength.


Ideally, fitness or any other hobby sport is forever, so there will definitely be periods when the regime goes off the rails. Schedule changes can be made by work, family, and various freelance problems. When these things happen, it is important to be flexible in order to adapt and maintain the results.

Read the Safe Training Guidelines

In the gym, there are several rules for safe training, adherence to which will help prevent injury and health problems. Read and adhere to the rules of the gym in which you are studying.

If injuries occur, give your best to treat them right. We recommend a professional sports physio that will help you recover properly and return to working out as soon as possible.


Anyone will try better if they do what they like. Do you hate the barbell? Do you like to pull? Don’t like to pull? CrossFit? Group classes? Dancing? You can write about what is right and “optimal”, but the interest of the person is more important because we strive to avoid what brings stress and bad emotions.


Changing your lifestyle is difficult both physically and mentally. But it quickly pays off, and there are many more advantages. Working out helps you look good, feel good, and generally live better. But it is important to understand what you are doing, why, and whether you are doing it right.

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