How to Prevent Mice From Getting Into Your Home

A mouse infestation can do more than just make you jump when you hear a bit of scurrying. Mice can make your home dirty, unsafe, and unhealthy. If you have mice in the house, then, you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Even more important, though, is that you follow some basic steps to keep them from coming into your home.

Look for Entry Points

The first step in making sure that you can prevent mice from getting into your home is ensuring that there are no easy entry points. Though mice are very clever and can find plenty of ways into your home that you might not immediately expect, you can make their lives a little harder by making sure that there are no clear exterior holes in your walls and that you keep your garage door shut. These small steps can have a big impact on rodents of all types.

Get Rid of Rubbish

Next up is getting rid of the rubbish. Mice are attracted to areas in which there are plenty of places to hide, so make your home as unfriendly as possible. A great way to do this is to clean up all of your trash and to replace any cardboard boxes that are in your garage or storage space with more substantial plastic tubs. If you can get rid of places where mice can live, you can get rid of your mouse problems.

Keep Food Sealed

You should also make sure that mice don’t have anything to eat in your home. Not only does this mean picking up your food when you’re done and cleaning up all of your crumbs, but it may also mean sealing up all of your food when it’s not in use. Consider putting any cardboard boxes or paper bags that are in your pantry in some kind of sealed plastic container so that mice can’t smell the food in your home.

Get Professional Help

Finally, you’ll want to call in a rodent control expert to make sure that your house is free of any mouse problems that it might currently have. The surest way to get more mice in your house is to have an existing infestation, so make sure that you’ve gotten rid of anything that’s in your home. A professional service can leave your house mouse free and give you even more tips on how to keep them away for good.


It’s always important to be thorough when you are trying to prevent a mouse infestation. Make your house hard to get into, hard to hide in, and make food impossible to find. That, plus some professional help, will make your house a mouse-free zone.

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