How to Get Your Toddler Dressed Without a Tantrum

Being a parent is the most wonderful job one can be gifted with. However, nobody said it was easy. In some ways, parenthood is the most challenging task of all! It comes with an abundance of everlasting, joyful memories, but hardships as well. While babies are somewhat easy to take care of, the same isn’t true about toddlers. It’s during this age that they start to form their own opinions. Opinions that, if not respected, cause a whole lot of trouble. Because of this new-found stubborn behavior, many parents struggle with everyday tasks. Chances are, you are one of them. Perhaps you have tried to get your toddler dressed without a tantrum but haven’t been successful? Luckily, there are certain ways to get through the whole process without losing your grip.

Is it possible to get your toddler dressed without a tantrum?

The answer is a big YES! While dressing the little one does require lots of patience, plenty of love, and a soothing voice, it is indeed possible. Once you and your child realize how stylish they look, you’ll be grateful that you have gone through the following steps.

Make it a fun experience

Let’s face it, all children like games, especially the little ones. So why not make dressing your kid seem like a game? You could try telling your toddler that you are playing a game of race. Whoever puts on their clothes faster is a winner! Also, try throwing some clothes onto yourself. However, don’t put them where they are supposed to go, but rather, put them on the wrong body parts. Socks onto your hands, pants around your neck, it’s up to you! Either way, this is bound to get your child’s attention! They will consider you entirely silly and start correcting you before you know it.

Reverse psychology could be your best friend

At last, your little one is old enough to put on the clothes without your help. However, they don’t seem cooperative enough when it comes to outfits for special occasions. Just when you’ve finally thought you’d get your toddler to wear one of those creative outfits for important events! Well, in this case, telling them the opposite, that is, that they are totally incapable of getting ready on their own, could be the key to breaking the rebellious attitude. They will stop at nothing to prove you wrong, making you the ultra-smart-mom in the process!

Allow your child to decide what to wear

Let them think they have a say in what they are going to wear today. Present them with a couple of wardrobe choices and allow them to choose one. However, you should limit the number of clothing items between which they are allowed to choose. Having to pick only one when there are so many they like could only leave them feeling more anxious, thus leading to a tantrum. We want to avoid those, not cause an even bigger one!

If having trouble getting your toddler dressed, take them shopping

It’s certainly up to you to buy clothes for your baby girl or a baby boy, but you don’t necessarily have to do the same when they are older. If it’s tough for you to get your toddler dressed and get their taste right, take them shopping. This way, they could look around and choose items they like while sparing you the headache of not being satisfied with the ones you’ve bought. If your child is still a bit young, don’t let them roam around the store on their own! Instead, keep a close eye on them while you search for proper clothing, and then present them with a choice.

Distract your way to a tantrum-free morning

Distracting your kid while getting them into clothes is probably one of the safest bets out there. Anything your child is remotely interested in could prove a good distraction. It could be a toy, a cartoon, even your neighbor’s cat playing around outside your window. With their attention elsewhere, you’ll have an easier time slipping them into some clothes.

Bear in mind that there are certain things you must take into consideration when attempting this, such as:

  • You must act fast as your toddler could rapidly lose interest.
  • Choose only clothes that are easy to put on to not distract the kid from the distraction. Styling your child for fall or winter might not be as easy to do while keeping them occupied, as heavier clothes are associated with colder weather.
  • There’s a chance that, after a while, your child will realize what you’re doing. To avoid that, switch up things you use as diversions. One day, it can be a toy, the other an animal, and the next something else.

Get your little one dressed as soon as they wake up

Pick out the clothes you’ll be dressing your kid in the night before in order to be ready to dress them first thing in the morning. Doing this right after they’ve woken up ensures they will remain sleepy while you take care of the process. Your toddler is undoubtedly less likely to rebel during the half-asleep stage. However, if you need more time to get them into their clothing, try dimming the lights as it will keep them from feeling fully awake for longer. The good thing is that if you repeat the process daily, the whole thing could even turn into a habit, something that your child knows must be done for the day to start properly.

Make sure to wake up early

You wouldn’t want to be late to preschool, would you? Therefore, waking up early to get your toddler dressed is essential since it gives you more time. Extra time will further allow you to think the entire process through and approach it carefully, as rushing your kid can only make them nervous and more prone to throwing a tantrum. Make sure to go through the previously mentioned tips to find one that works best for you and your child. Once you’ve established a routine, tantrums will be no more. Then, both of you can even sleep in a little as you’d need less time to get ready in the morning.

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