How To Entertain Kids on Long Road Trips

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Road trips are a great way to bond as family and friends and an excellent way to sightsee on your way to your final destination. However, road trips with kids can be challenging. Keeping kids engaged and entertained is key to the entire family enjoying the road trip.

Create a Playlist

Music is a must-have on any road trip, but don’t forget to include kid-friendly songs. Think sing-along classics, your kids’ favorite songs, or songs from their favorite shows. You can even ask them to help you compile the list, so they feel invested in the trip.

You can even include audiobooks or podcasts on your listening list. Ensure that your choices are age-appropriate.

Play Games

You bought that new Honda for sale and are roaring to get on the road, but you should be well prepared first with games and activities.

Classic games like the license plate game, “I Spy” and 20 Questions are always fun. You can also buy activity books with word searches, mazes, dot-to-dots, and more.

Don’t forget to bring crayons or markers, stickers, or other crafty items that are kid and car-friendly for the road.

You can also do a scavenger hunt for older children. Make a list of landmarks, signs, or vehicles that the kids check off when they see them. See who can spot everything on the list first.

Pack Snacks

Snacks are one of the best parts of road trips. You can get lunch containers with dividers where you can place a variety of snacks.

They don’t all have to be healthy or all junk. A good mix of healthy and a few junk foods they love will make for a great road trip without hurting tummies.

Keep Journals

Give each child a notebook and crayons or colored pencils. Have them draw or write their trip experiences, scenery, or other observations they may have. This will keep them busy and at the same time create memories they can look back on.

Tell Stories

Take turns telling tall tales, or create one together. Each person can add a word, sentence, or paragraph to create a silly story that will have everyone laughing.

Use Apps

A little screen time goes a long way on road trips with kids. Download apps that don’t require the internet. You can choose from a huge variety but aim for apps that teach language, science, math, or other educational subjects. Kids can also enjoy a movie or two while on the road.

Plan Stops Wisely

Don’t be stingy when it comes to pit stops. Kids need to use the restroom more frequently and move and stretch. Whether it’s a gas station, an ice cream shop, or a scenic pull-off, give them a chance to get out of the car.

The Best Road Trip Ever

With just a little bit of planning, your next road trip can be the best one yet. By having a variety of activities prepared, strategic pit stops, and a balance of fun and healthy foods, everyone will arrive at your destination content and smiling.

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