How to Create the Ideal Home Theater System

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Film buffs and fans of adventures take great enjoyment in a pleasant evening spent at the theater in front of the big screen. However, the traditional cinematic experience can come with a few drawbacks. There’s travel, potentially uncomfortable seats, crowds, and working around weekend chores that you might need to do. You can get the same kind of experience you love by following a few tips to create a theater system at home.

Display Location

A good display setup is something like the crown jewel in the ideal home theater system. The overall size you choose is an important factor that will help you replicate the cinematic feel in your own home. However, a screen that is too large can force you to turn your head constantly to see all the action in a movie. Choose a screen that is sized appropriately and that allows you to place it centrally. Some tips to keep in mind are that the display height should be about one-third of the distance from the front of the screen to the seating area. It’s a good idea to place the screen in an area that doesn’t get direct sunlight.

Sound System Setup

An amazing picture is only one part of the equation. You want to make sure every sound pops with clear tones, and that means putting some time into the audio setup. A 5.1 surround sound system is a common choice for many home theater enthusiasts, but you can also go for 7.1 speakers as well. For 5.1, many people recommend placing three speakers and a woofer in the front of the room. The final two speakers in a 7.1 setup should go behind the audience.


Theater home seating can enhance the movie-going experience, and it makes sense to duplicate this at home. The overall size and shape of the cinema seats you choose will depend on the size of the media room and how it is arranged. Don’t forget that you can add custom seats that come with accessories to hold beverages or built-in USB ports. Screen size can be a factor in determining how you arrange seats as well.

Media Room Location

Many people consider the family room an ideal location in the home for a home theater system. This approach may work well for some, but there are other options you can explore. If you have a basement, it usually provides insulation from exterior noises or too much light. It’s also a good location for watching loud films that could otherwise disturb the neighbors or other members of the household.

A good home theater setup is not an easy task for anyone to undertake. However, much of today’s technology makes it relatively affordable. With proper planning, you can have a home theater that works for you. Don’t forget to check for any noise codes in your neighborhood before wiring the sound system.

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