What are some of the Top Advantages of Owning a Storage Bed?

Contributed by Ashley Kinsela

Storage bed is the name given to a platform bed with in-built storage space underneath. You can find these with various storage areas, such as in the form of a bookcase headboard, doors and a set of drawers. These are excellent furniture pieces for any home and offer additional space for storing extra items. Now people face some storage problems in their small apartment and they need to use these storage beds for their space utilization. Most of these storage beds are made with timber and you can easily customize the bed size and its storage capacity according to your needs. 

5 Top advantages of storage beds

#1. Efficient use of space

These beds have enough storage space underneath, which is often left empty and ignored. The storage space can be used to keep extra cushions, pillows, blankets and more. These days, this type of bed has become very popular and homeowners can customize their storage beds with different styles. They can include several drawers, cabinets and large open storage cabinets inside the bed.

#2. Mattress support

These beds are designed to offer you slightly more support for your mattress. There is better weight distribution due to a sturdier box spring and bed frame.  So, the mattress cannot be affected by wear and tear, and they can provide better longevity. There is less risk of back pain for a sleeper. Other than supporting the weight, it helps keep a mattress in proper place. In case you are restless during sleep and wake up to find half of your mattress hanging off the bed, a storage bed can prevent it from happening. This can help you to sleep better.

#3. Offering a cleaner appearance

In many homes, the spaces under the bed are used to keep small items such as bottles, bats and dirt bunnies as well as bigger objects such as old exercise equipment. With a bed having storage space beneath, you can keep all the clutter therein and ensure a cleaner bedroom space. As these come in varied styles, designs and sizes, you can find a bed that matches the overall décor and storage requirements of your home. Whether you have a modern or a traditional bedroom décor, you can find a matching bed to go with it. So, these beds can provide you better storing capacity and along with that these beds can also help you to keep your home clutter and dust free.

#4. Lower risks of injury

Keep in mind that kids and pets have a habit of hiding under beds and trying to get in or out of the space can cause injuries – some of which can demand immediate medical attention. At the very least, children often suffer from skinned knees and heads banged against the frames of beds. Beds with storage spaces underneath can prevent this problem, and you will have at least one space less to look for them.

#5. Very trendy furniture items


A storage bed is representative of the minimalist trend of home decoration and furnishing. Due to the understated appearance, and an excellent option for storing various items, these are a perfect fit for any type of ambiance. With this type of bed, you can provide your bedroom with a modern and sleek appearance as well as a very utilitarian furniture item. This is a fantastic way to blend style with practicality.

So now you can find these storage beds online and you can compare their price according to their features. Apart from that, you can also contact with their manufacturer and customize your beds according to your needs.

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