How to Create a Memorable Yacht Wedding

Couples planning to get married have a dream of making their wedding memorable and unique. You would probably picture pure happiness, a unique celebration, and pure romance that are magical. If you like adventure and fascinating experiences and you have an upcoming wedding, and you still don’t know where to hold your wedding, consider a wedding on a yacht.

Here’s pretty much everything you need to consider about yacht weddings before settling for that exclusive wedding.

One-venue event

If the entire wedding on a Yacht will take place on board, the extra cost of transport will be reduced and you won’t have to worry about so many logistical issues from the ceremony to the reception. You can take your voyage on the open deck, sit down for dinner in an enclosed dining room, and choose another deck for cocktail hour. 


Many vessel owners always have various packages on offer that one can look at and settle for the best option that falls within their budget. It can be affordable, considering you will get an exclusive deal package for the entire event.

Hidden charges

In as much as yacht weddings can be budget-friendly, you need to be aware of specific fees that are always hidden. It would be best to inquire about all the charges you may have to incur for the entire duration before docking. You might be surprised that some charges may come from the port and taxes fee.

Strict conditions

The vessel may strictly be limited to a specific capacity onboard; therefore, if you have so many people who want to be on board, they will be restricted. Some décor restrictions may be administered, for example, no flames, and strict adherence to time. So you may have to make sure all your entourage are on board during departure time or else some of them will be left and miss the wedding.

Limited space

You will probably have to limit the number of your guest if you book a small Yacht. You probably have to make sure all your quest are not people who offer essential services that a call for duty may happen on board because all of you will be stuck, leading to inconvenience.

Tips for Planning a Yacht Weddings

If you’re ready to start planning your yacht wedding, here are some tips to help with the planning process.

Prepare for the possibility of seasickness

Your guests are probably essential people in your life. It is essential, therefore, to prepare if some of them are prone to getting seasick. You can add some information to your wedding website to handle seasickness and have necessary ingredients like ginger products, which may be used onboard.

Prepare for bad weather

If you have already settled for an open-air yacht wedding, rain is the last thing you will wish to come. It may decide to be windy on that particular day. You must be ready for bad weather and come up with a plan B just in case.

Discuss photo ops plans in advance

It may be essential to ask for a photo option from the yacht crew and then plan. Depending on the size of the yacht, places to take wedding photos may be limited. It may be, therefore, essential to take the first look. If you feel it is small and not the best, you may plan to take them to other venues.

If you can find a suitable place on the yacht to take photos, ask if you can add decorative LED lighting and other décor pieces to enhance the beauty of your wedding pictures.

Create a website page to highlight details about the wedding day

All your guests need to get complete detail for these magical events. Include a suggestion about the dress code that will fit well with windy weather, depending on the weather. Suggest to them about carrying sunglasses in case it turns out to be a sunny day. It would be best if you also suggested to women who will attend about the shoes to carry that will be safe for the vessel’s staircases.

Weddings with hundreds of guests are a thing of the past; yacht weddings will be more intimate for you and your guest. This is a one-day event in a lifetime; make it memorable.

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