How to Choose the Side Hustle Best for You

The paralysis of choice can stall decisions from what to watch on Netflix to major life decisions like where to move next. Though it seems like having more options should make life easier, when there are too many options to choose from, narrowing them down becomes its own separate task — one that can become overwhelming quickly.

Another place where the paralysis of choice is common is in finding and choosing a side hustle. Most people know that they could be making more money with a passive income stream, but few manage to follow through. Why do we turn down what amounts to free money? Simple: the world of potential side hustles is vast, making the process of choosing one and sticking to it difficult enough to dissuade many from attempting it at all.

If you’ve thought about setting up a side income but feel overwhelmed by the options, here’s an easy way to narrow it down. Start by figuring out what resources you have to invest. Do you have extra time? Extra cash? Do you have a skill that you can monetize? Once you’ve figured out what you have to offer, you can identify the side project that best capitalizes on your resources. Before you know it, you’ll be raking in the cash!

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