How to Build the Best Working from Home Space

As more people continue to work at home due to COVID-19, some find it difficult as it is a new concept. Some of the challenges that people face when trying to set up a home office are lack of enough space and kids or other family members. However, it is possible to effectively and productively work from home with the right office setting and attitude. The first thing is to ensure that your home workspace is as functional and comfortable as possible. The following three tips will enlighten you on how to build the best working from home space.

1. Pick a Location within Close Proximity, But Completely Separated

To efficiently work from home, the working space must be yours alone. The location of your workspace is among the most determining factors for productivity. Your work will influence your space, but while working from home, you can gain from space with the following attributes:

  • Fit in sound control from external noises. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) commissioned a study that discovered that most people would be more productive while working at home if external noises decreased.
  • It uses French doors to help you monitor activities in other areas without leaving your desk.
  • It has a window that lets you see your kids while playing in the backyard. A window in the office also helps in recharging a person’s creative side.
  • Let’s you reposition your desk to see other spaces easily.
  • Located out of high traffic zones where anyone can come in and distract your attention.

2. Buy a Desk and Office Chair

Although a desk is just a flat surface, it makes a noticeable difference in your job productivity. A desk gives the space the feeling of a work environment that everyone at home will appreciate. So, you can make a desk the main focus of your office. At the same time, buy yourself a comfortable office chair.

The wrong chair can cause you several ailments, including neck and leg pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, back pain, fatigue, and poor posture.

3. Get Connected

Your workspace should be located near a power outlet and internet connection. If there is no power outlet nearby, use a multi-plug extension cord to plug all your devices, computer, printer, and phone. If you are making video calls often, invest in an excellent wired headset for better audio quality. Besides, have a plain wall as a backdrop with proper lighting for better video quality. Do not forget to test the strength of the internet signal.

Characteristics of a good office chair

  • The chair should have height adjustability to accommodate every user’s height (if the office is shared). When you adjust the chair to the proper size, your feet should be flat on the floor, thighs parallel to the floor, knees at a 90-degree angle, and forearms parallel to the writing area.
  • A good office chair should also have lumbar support to help you maintain your back’s natural curve to keep your body correctly aligned. Move the tabs at the back of the seat up and down to suit your lower back angle. If your chair does not have lumbar support, you can buy a lumbar support cushion to serve the same purpose.

4. Respect the Workspace

You will need to have a family discussion on the importance of everyone respecting your workspace. Establish your working hours and let them know that they cannot interrupt you. Let them know when they can seek your attention and the issues that should wait until you are done with work.

On your part, make sure that you follow a routine and stick to it. Do not be tempted to sleep in just because there is no one to supervise you. If other family members see the seriousness you put into your work at home, they will have to do the same.

Final Thoughts

You can be as productive working from home as you are in the company office. The main thing to consider is to make the home workspace look like an actual office and treat it the same way you do the other office. Set boundaries to be respected by other family members and enjoy working from home.                            

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