How Can I Manage Being Mom and Working Full Time?


As a working woman, it is likely that you struggle with balancing your home and work life—let alone starting your day with a smile. You might have a hard time managing your duties as a mother and toiling away at the office. Fortunately, there are ways for you to manage both of these roles successfully. Although finding the balance between these two roles can be tough, your career and family should flourish if you manage them properly.

Everybody has different needs when it comes to scheduling their day. Many mothers prefer to do things such as drop children off at school in the afternoon since they aren’t required to wake up too early to make breakfast and get everyone ready for the day ahead of time (although some women also like doing this). Others feel uncomfortable dropping kids off before 8:00 AM since it leaves them with less time to spend with their children in the morning. As long as you don’t forget about your family life when managing your career, it doesn’t matter what schedule you choose. Here are six simple ways you can manage your work full time as a working mom.

Get Childcare

As a mom, you can’t overlook nursing your baby as nursing is instrumental in the baby’s growth and development. If you work full time though, you’ll need an extra pair of hands and this is where childcare also comes in. Many mothers prefer in-home childcare so they can have more control over their children’s environment and who is watching them at any given time. When choosing an in-home caregiver for your kids, consider questions such as: 

  • Is she comfortable leaving the child in this person’s care? It is important that you feel comfortable around the person who is going to watch your child, as this will make it easier for you to do your job.
  • Does the person have experience working with children? This person should be reliable and responsible if they are going to be watching your child.
  • What is the caregiver’s schedule like? For mom to leave work on time, the caregiver’s schedule must match her own work hours as closely as possible. For example, if mom leaves at 5:00 PM every day, then a good choice would be a babysitter that only works part-time or second shift since their schedule could likely fit into hers much better than someone who works full time or first shift. 

After interviewing caregivers and deciding which one is a good fit for your family, it might be a good idea to meet them before going forward with any sort of agreement. This way, you can see what they are like and if they have any babysitting experience.

Be Flexible With Your Boss

Since mothers usually work part-time or second shift, as mentioned above, there is a good chance that her boss will accommodate her schedule so long as she is flexible as well. For example, if you need to leave early every day at 4:00 PM to pick up your kid from school, this should be fine either way since the office will be closed by that time anyway. You could even go in a little later than usual on days when you need more time because you have to drop your kids off at daycare first. As long as you are willing to work with your boss, they will likely accommodate you the best that they can.

Have Your Spouse Help Out

If mom is working full time, it may be a good idea for her spouse to take on some household responsibilities. These could include doing laundry, taking out the trash, cooking dinner, and helping kids with their homework, etc. While mom is usually not home during this time period, having these things taken care of makes it easier for her when she tries to get everything done after coming home from work each day.

Use a Household Cleaning Service

Although it may seem unnecessary considering what you have to do when you get home from work each day, hiring a cleaning service to come in and do some of the things that need to be done while you are gone can make life much easier (at least for single moms and dads). Although it may cost a bit more money monthly, having someone come in and tackle the biggest messes, such as dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, etc., will allow mom to get everything else she needs to get done quicker than if she did them herself.

Try to Leave Work on Time

Even though mothers usually have schedules that aren’t too strict when compared with other working women’s hours, leaving work on time is still extremely important. This way, mom can pick up her kids from school and daycare every day. Not only will this make life easier for mom, but it can also help children adjust better to their new routine because they know exactly when they will be coming home each night.

Establish a Routine

Whether you work when your kids are at school or daycare, establishing a routine before leaving in the morning will make it easier for mom to plan out her day. If she knows which tasks need to be taken care of first, then it is much more likely that they will get done right away. This way, by the time she needs to pick up her kids from school/daycare every afternoon, there won’t be anything left undone since it had all been finished earlier on in the day. Also, having some sort of routine can help children adjust to their new life better because they will know what is expected of them when they get home after school each day.

The Bottom Line

Remember, having a full-time job while taking care of your parent and kids at the same time isn’t always easy, but it can be done so long as you are willing to put in the effort. Besides, the fact that you are even trying to do this means that you are doing the absolute most that you can for your family. As long as everyone is willing to put in their best effort, then motherhood full time while working full time shouldn’t be too difficult of a task, no matter how hectic things may get at times.

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