How Adventurous Do You Want Your Holiday to Be?

How much adrenaline do you want to exert during your next holiday? If you are the type of person who doesn’t like staying all day on the beach and swimming in the ocean, then you reached the right place. A holiday can be much more than one week spent in a luxury resort with nothing else to do than swimming, sleeping, and sunbathing. Do you like water? You can spend your energy on kayaking and surfing. Would you rather go to the mountains? Then, how about trekking or cycling on rocky roads?

Top 3 Choices to Take Adrenaline to the Maximum During Holiday

Conquer the Atlas Mountains

Morocco offers you the perfect combination between adventure and culture. If you want to take your holidays to the next level, you need to go at least once to Marrakech. The first moment you put your feet in this city, you will immediately feel the Moroccan vibrations. Moreover, you can go beyond your limits and conquer Mount Toubkal. The way to the peak is sprinkled with valuable lessons on the Moroccan hospitality and the Berbers’ simple way of living. Plus, if you add the breathtaking view once you get on top, you will understand that you cannot compare this holiday to nothing you have experienced before.

Are you ready for a safari in Africa?

Even though it might seem crazy, a safari holiday in Kenya can become your favorite experience of all times. Africa will surprise you with its diversity and spectacular landscape. On the other hand, you can combine gorilla trekking in Uganda’s National Park with a luxurious honeymoon spent in one of the resorts nearby. What is more, you cannot miss Zanzibar with its idyllic beaches where you can rest after a busy day dedicated to flying safari.

Explore the caves in Vietnam

How do you feel about exploring one of the biggest caves on Earth? Not many tourists have the courage to enter in Hang En Cave, the world’s third largest cave, located in Vietnam. There are not enough words to describe the scenery you will discover there. So, it is better to see it yourself and create memories for a lifetime. Furthermore, if you decided to spend your holiday in this country, you should also add Hoi An and the imperial capital on your list.

Adventure can have different meanings for each person. For some, it might mean to push your physical limits. For others an adventurous holiday means that they will spend their holidays in one of the most remote places on Earth, enduring extreme temperatures and conditions. Apart from creating unique memories, these type of holidays help you discover more about yourself and understand which are your real limits. Plus they are great additions to your travel bucket list.

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