Health Hazards to Watch Out for in Leaky Homes


You might think a tiny leak around your toilet or in the ceiling is no big deal. But small leaks can rapidly grow into major water problems. Here are common health hazards to be aware of if your home develops a leak.

Slip-and-Fall Injuries

Anyone can slip and fall in a few spots of water if the floor surface is slippery. The risk also depends on the shoes or house slippers you’re wearing. Another factor is the location of the spot. If it’s barely noticeable beside the wall or under the steps, you might miss it. But if you do have a water leak that is dripping water continuously into your home, the water may begin to accumulate and cause a serious fall risk. Check around your water pipes and plumbing equipment occasionally to look for leaks.


Plumbing leaks in your home can drip water endlessly until the problem is repaired. Some leaks are visible, and you may see mold begin to grow. It can develop on almost any surface, such as walls, carpets, or ceilings and appear in various colors and textures. Some types look like black smudges, and black mold is especially toxic. Other types look like mushrooms. Vibrant colors may appear on basement walls. Call a mold mitigation specialist to protect occupants from health problems like allergies or respiratory infections.

Pest Infiltration

If a leak creates an entry point in your home, such as near a window or doorway, insects may invade the premises and bring a host of health problems with them. Bites and stings from flying or crawling bugs can cause irritation and possibly lead to serious infections or allergic reactions. Rodents may also be able to enter your home in water-damaged areas. They can spread germs and illnesses through bites or feces. Inspect your home routinely for signs of water damage that may allow unwanted pests to enter.

Repair Your Water Damage Pronto

An untreated water leak may eventually lead to a broken valve or pooling water that can flood an area of your home. Trying to remove the water can be dangerous if you don’t disconnect the electricity from the flooded area. Standing water can prompt mold growth as well as slip-and-fall accidents. When facing this type of problem, contact a water damage restoration professional for help. These experts can remove the standing water and repair the affected parts of your home to restore safety and cleanliness.

Any water leak should be evaluated and treated. Don’t wait for a slight drip to become a costly repair. Take prompt action to keep your family healthy and safe. Take a look at this infographic below on how to prevent moisture problems in the home. 

Infographic provided by Feldco, home window replacement services

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