Group Therapy 101: How Togetherness Can Trump Trauma

Everyone processes negative emotions and events differently. People looking to overcome their trauma have multiple options like seeking therapy and sharing their experiences with people they trust. 

Sufferers that seek professional help can benefit from one-on-one attention, however, some experts encourage patients to attend group therapy. Here are some of the many reasons you should consider group therapy to beat trauma.

You’ll Get Validation

How great does it make you feel when you tell someone your story and they can relate? When you attend therapy sessions with other people that have a similar experience, you feel like you have a greater support system rooting for your success. When you share and people tell you they have the same struggles, it reminds you that you’re not alone.

You Have Access to Different Perspectives

As hard as you try, you can only tackle your problems from one point of view: your own. However, when you are in a group, you can learn a different approach from the people around you that may even work better than your original idea. Even if you end up sticking with your initial plan, it’s always best to have options.

Your Story Can Help Others

Sometimes, you come to therapy with an emotional wound that isn’t as fresh as your peers. When you share your story, you may inspire someone who isn’t at the same place in their journey as you to take action. For instance, if you’re a veteran in therapy to overcome trauma you incurred during a war, telling your experience and how you’re growing from it can help someone else.

They may have just returned from active duty and the trauma is still fresh. Even if they don’t verbally express it, you can motivate others to grow through your past.

You Can Make New Friends

One of the greatest takeaways from therapy is meeting new friends. There may be someone that you connected with during your sessions that you want to keep in touch with. Whether they’re offering you moral support or keeping you accountable on your path of growth, they can join your support system.

Therapy helps a lot of people work through past traumas. If you ever decide to seek professional help, the previously mentioned benefits should at least make you consider trying group therapy. Everything from insight to making friends contributes to a positive healing experience.

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