Gas Guzzler? 5 Ways to Save Fuel in Your Vehicle

Even though fuel prices have stabilized, the average driver is still spending nearly $2,000 dollars on gas every single year. Depending on your finances, that amount could have a major impact on your quality of life. Here are five strategies that you and your loved ones can use to conserve fuel and keep a little extra money in the bank.

Change Your Air Filters More Often

Most drivers know that air filters have a major impact on fuel efficiency, but you might not realize just how quickly your filters can become clogged. That is why drivers should have a mechanic check their air filters and airflow sensors every time they have the oil changed. As a general rule, air filters need to be replaced every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

Check Your Tires

Keeping your tires properly inflated will make your vehicle safer and more efficient. If you live in a particularly hot or cold climate, then you should check the tire pressure once every week or two. Drivers also need to have their tires rotated and aligned every three to four few months. Misaligned tires wear out much quicker and make vehicles more difficult to control.

Spend a Few Minutes Planning Your Errands

A little bit of foresight can save you quite a bit of money on gas. At the start of each week, you should spend a few minutes planning out all of the errands that you are going to run in the next few days. Making separate trips might not seem like a big deal, but that bad habit could end up costing you a lot of money over the course of a year.

Set Your Cruise Control

Whenever it is safe to do so, you should set your cruise control and keep your foot off the gas. Many people “flutter” the gas pedal without even realizing it, and that can waste a tremendous amount of fuel during long trips. Drivers who want to save fuel need to keep their vehicles at a consistent speed as much as possible.

Upgrade to a New Vehicle

No matter what you do to improve your fuel efficiency, there may come a point when purchasing a new vehicle is a smart financial decision. Fuel-saving technologies are more advanced than ever, and many of the leading car manufacturers are now producing amazing hybrid vehicles. With their improved fuel efficiency, purchasing a new car or truck at a dealership like Young Ford could actually save you money.

Gas might not be getting cheaper, but that doesn’t mean you need to cringe every time that you fill up. These five tips and tricks should help you drastically improve your fuel efficiency while reducing your impact on the environment.

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