3 Safety Precautions to Take for DIY Home Repairs

Many homeowners love to do their own repair work around the house. It might be a money-saving strategy, or maybe just the desire to exercise or learn a skill. Whatever your reason, you always need to look out for your own safety. Here are three safety precautions to keep in mind on DIY repairs.

Be Alert to Utilities

Most of us do a good job of shutting off power or gas before working on appliances, but we need to remember that there are also overhead and underground utilities that we can come into contact with–even when the job doesn’t directly involve utilities. Make sure that you call 811 for utility locations before digging near public lines, and confirm the locations of your private service lines as well. Verify that you have enough room to use your ladders near power lines.

Know Your Limits

Some jobs are obviously small. Others are obviously much larger and call for a contractor. Others fall somewhere in between, including some that look simple until you get into them. You may climb the roof to deal with a few loose shingles only to find problems at high points and edges. A situation like this calls for a residential roofing contractor. Don’t be afraid to step back and let an expert take over when the job turns into something bigger and more dangerous than you can handle.

Understand the Tools

It may look like fun to rent a power nailer or table saw, but these powerful devices and their powered kin are also very dangerous. There are thousands of injuries each year from table saws alone, a testament to the danger involved. That’s to say nothing of miter saws, brad nailers, and countless other power tools. Visit an experienced friend and ask for some experience at the controls of the tools you plan to use. Rent one a few weeks ahead of the project to make sure you’ll be comfortable with it when the time comes. Simply put, invest some time in making sure you’ll be able to use the tool safely on your project.


Lots of people enjoy DIY home repairs. You may already be one of them. It is definitely a good way to save money and build pride in your home, but it can also be dangerous. Make sure you take simple safety precautions to avoid injuries that could prove far more costly than hiring someone to do the work for you.

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