For Your Next Job, think Outside the Box

What if you were to manage someone else family’s life? Would that seem strange to you? If not, you just might be the right person for a variety of household positions. Although times have changed, butlers and majordomo are still common in wealthy circles, and there are new similar positions that have opened in the modern era. Here is a brief description that may entice you to get a job a little different than others.

House Manager and Head of Family Office

Some houses need managers. In fact, from the moment a family home reaches a certain size, it can hardly function well without one. That is why it is not so uncommon these days to find house managers. In another time, they were called butlers and majordomo. However, their jobs were more strictly attached to the tasks at hands that had to do strictly with the house. That said, both still exist and are also in high demand.

The job of head of family office is also quite new; at least under such a name. When important family businesses grow and change hands, within the family, it is sometimes crucial for them to find someone that can manage it correctly. It is not always true that children are willing or more importantly, able to manage the family business. When that is not the case, you then need to find someone from the outside who can do so. That’s the job of companies such as Morgan & Mallet which are responsible for finding the right individuals to cater to such a job, as well as house manager, butler and majordomo.

What are the Tasks attached to these Positions?

The beauty and attraction of these jobs often come from the fact that they imply a large variety of tasks. Therefore, they are perfect for people who don’t like to repeat the same actions, day after day. They can also be quite challenging as well, which is another aspect that candidates love about them.

A house manager will have to handle the household staff (hiring, scheduling, tasks assignments, etc.), deal with house suppliers (electricity, food delivery, renovation) and guests’ reception as part of their various tasks. The head of family office will have to oversee the accounts and all administrative papers, while also come up with new investors to enter into the family business, to name only two important parts of the job.

One thing you have to keep in mind, is that working within such a family can feel like royalty. There is an important demand for loyalty and once you enter into one, it will probably be for life.

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