Following the Tiny House Movement

Guest post contributed by Victoria Lim

The realty market is booming with requests on finding tiny homes as of late. People are looking for smallest houses possible, even those that can be attached to a smaller van for cross-country living. The tiny house movement is taking the world by the storm. And maybe you are considering following it. But what exactly does the movement entail? Surprisingly enough, becoming an owner of such living space demands a lot of changes in your lifestyle. Read on to find out if tiny homes just may be the perfect life change for you.

Why the movement

The tiny house movement is a social and real estate trend, where people switch their 200-300m2 homes for much, much smaller ones. The idea behind this massive transition learning to live more economically, environmentally friendly and save oneself from real estate debt and mortgages. Aside from practical reasons, it also introduces a simplified kind of life. People learn that it’s not just about downsizing your house and personal possessions. It also has you learn how to live simpler, leaving room to care about things that matter the most. Through forgoing unneeded material belongings, your mind is free to focus on more important life goals.

Specification – size and price

If you are set on buying a tiny home, or on building and furnishing one yourself, there are several key aspects to keep in mind.

● Size – tiny homes can range from a whopping 7m2 to a “spacious” 43m2
● Furnishing – it all comes down to practicality. Most tiny homes utilize niches, foldable furniture, and taller ceilings for terraced rooms. Another way to get additional space is to have a patio or a smaller garden outside, with added seating.
● Decorations – this is the key feature, as tiny homes achieve their purpose through the least possible clutter. Any and all decorations need to be kept to a minimum, so only emotionally valuable items or ones that perfectly fit your décor.

Moving in

When the moving day comes, the most difficult part has to be the downsizing. And we’re talking personal possessions now. We tend to grow attached to material things, regardless of whether or not we need them. The tiny house movement teaches how to filter this need. So if you decide to move, bring only those things you can’t go a single day without. And if there are things that don’t fit your new home and life, but hold immense emotional value, you can always go for lockup storage solutions, where they will be safe until you decide where to go next with them.


And if you are still not convinced that tiny home is the right choice for you, statistics show that 55% of tiny house owners in America have more savings than regular homeowners. With that in mind, by saving your money on construction and expensive furniture and décor, you open up possibilities for other luxuries. Your meal plan could improve, you could start saving for retirement, travel, and you could afford more expensive, quality materials to upgrade your tiny home, and so on. Your carbon footprint also lessens, so you’re being eco-friendly at the same time. And if the tiny house is on wheels, it’s easier to go cross-country during the holidays, as all your belongings always come with you.

The tiny house movement is a change that demands patience, dedication, and a lot of resolve. You will need to renounce a lot of material things, and lifestyle “baggage” to be able to fully experience the life of minimalism. However, if you persevere, the gains are immense – you will save a lot of money for things you actually need, live a more eco-friendly life, and get the time to focus on things that truly matter, like family, friends, and freedom from the stresses of everyday life. And as immensely tempting as the benefits are, like any other move, it should be taken seriously, with full awareness of what it entails.

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  1. If it was just me and my dogs and cats, I would love a house like the one in the photo. I live in a house that is full of collectors. I don’t think either my husband or daughters would be able to survive in a house that small (even if they were the only ones in it). It would have been perfect for my mom in her last years. Less cleaning and clutter. Cozy.

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