Exploring 5 Awesome Reasons to Visit Penny Lanes

Do you like bowling? Do you like to be surrounded by the sights and sounds of an arcade? Do you like to eat and drink? If you answered yes to these questions, you really oughta check out Penny Lanes. Here you’ll be able to experience those things and much more.

1. Bowling

Some folks just love to bowl and they don’t need any frills. Show them to their lane and they’ll go to work, plying their trade among the deep rolling and splintering sounds that spill out across the alley. Penny Lanes has got these folks covered. There’s even the option to become a VIB or Very Important Bowler. This will allow access to free games, promos, events, and more. 

2. Arcade and Games

Can you picture a room full of arcade games, each sending its own quirky sounds into the air? Can you feel the joysticks, steering wheels, and gear shifters that really put you in the action? Penny Lanes has a state-of-the-art arcade that is loaded with all of your favorites. The only thing better than seeing kids get psyched about the prospect of getting lost amidst the arcade’s ambiance is when you see it in grown-ups.

3. The Agency Kitchen and Bar

Penny Lanes is known for its culinary awesomeness, too. You can choose table seating or sit at the bar, where the branded taps rise from the counter, beckoning to be tasted. Access to delicious food and drink in a complementary setting is something that sets Penny Lanes apart. With room for 300, there’s plenty of space for all.

4. Big Screen Televisions

The screens are all over the place at Penny Lanes, so if you’re interested in watching the big game with your friends or family, they’ve got what you need. The combination of ordering apps and drinks or full meals while viewing these big-screen televisions is a big reason that people visit Penny Lanes.

5. Party and Event Spaces

Penny Lanes also offers party and event bookings. Custom parties for any reason, from birthdays to graduation parties to holiday gatherings, are available to you. Staff will bend over backward to ensure that you and your crew have the most excellent experience. 

At Penny Lanes, you’ll find that oodles of fun is waiting for you. It truly is a one-stop outlet for a great night out. The perfect place to come to bond with your people and forget about the world’s problems, a visit to Penny Lanes will put a smile on your face.

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