Essential To-Dos Before Moving Day: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

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Moving to a new home is an exciting new chapter! But the process also involves lots of stress and chaos. With some smart planning though, you can make it much more organized and smooth. This article shares easy tips to simplify every step, so your move feels less overwhelming.

Start Decluttering Right Away

As soon as you decide to relocate, begin sorting through each room more ruthlessly than ever. Go through absolutely everything – closets, drawers, storage bins, attic space, etc. Be disciplined about what you need to take. Ask yourself questions like:

  • When was the last time I used or wore this?
  • Does this bring joy to me?
  • Could someone else use this more? Get started on this big task very early. It means:
  • Fewer total things to pack up and transport
  • Less money spent on moving boxes and truck space
  • No last-minute panicking that you won’t finish in time

Create separate piles right away for donations, trash, and possessions to move. Schedule pickups for removed items so they leave your home quickly.

Research Neighborhood Amenities

If relocating with family or specialized care needs, extensively research different neighborhoods’ offerings first. Look rigorously into things like:

  • Quality of local schools
  • Healthcare systems
  • Accessibility features
  • Grocery options
  • Parks and recreation

Even consider visiting top contenders to get a firsthand feel for daily conveniences that determine lifestyle. This helps zero in on the ideal location before committing.

Update Important Documentation

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Grab any files and documents that display your current home address. These include things like:

  • Bank accounts
  • Gym memberships
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Vehicle registration
  • Passport paperwork

Create a folder to consolidate everything needing an address change after moving. Continually add to it over the next weeks so no obligations fall through the cracks in transition chaos.

Schedule Service Transfers

Same idea for regular utilities and home services. Call any companies ahead of time to:

  • Cancel services at the old address on the move-out date
  • Begin identical or comparable services at the new address on the move-in date

This applies to things like:

  • Internet and cable
  • Electricity provider
  • Lawn care
  • House cleaning service

Adjust autopay settings and billing cycles accordingly so they pull payments uninterrupted after relocation.

Hire Residential Movers

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Protect your back and your belongings by hiring a residential moving company to handle transporting your life to the new locale. Reputable movers have mastered effective systems for meticulously:

  • Packing even the most fragile items securely
  • Loading the truck fully and evenly for safe transit
  • Unpacking boxes and reassembling furnishings in the new layout

Read numerous reviews to pinpoint companies with excellent track records and reasonable pricing before signing contracts.

Catalog All Possessions

For insurance purposes, catalog all your possessions room-by-room with highly specific descriptions. For particularly expensive or sentimental items, even photograph/video each piece as visual proof. Supply the full detailed inventory list to movers so they give special care accordingly. Should anything become missing or broken, this documentation proves invaluable for reimbursement or replacement.

Pack Items Gradually

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Begin packing non-daily-use items months ahead rather than waiting for the last panic-stricken days. Think seasonally unused clothes, old files from the garage, decorative knick-knacks collecting dust on shelves, and kitchen gadgets replaced by Instant Pot. Carefully label every box by intended room for hyper-organized loading and unloading. Then gradually pack more essential categories room-by-room as the calendar counts down closer to go time.

Inspect New House First

Schedule final walkthrough inspection before all moving trucks descend. Thoroughly test and verify:

  • Functioning kitchen appliances
  • Running water’s pressure
  • Flickering light switches
  • Chirping smoke detectors and CO sensors

Replace air filters, lightbulbs, and batteries. Identify any issues for landlords to quickly repair before moving in. No fun discovering leaky pipes or faulty electrical outlets after unloading!

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