Earn a Substantial Income With an App that Acts as a Virtual Book Club

Coming out of the pandemic, it is no secret that there is a new generation of people wanting to work from home. Among this majority are copious amounts of inspired writers, motivated job seekers, hardworking students, and aspiring entrepreneurs. With this app, they can all become established writers and make easy money from anywhere. 

Dreame is a female-oriented virtual book club where members can discover different genres of books and be encouraged to jumpstart their own career in storytelling. Ranking No. 1 in app stores internationally, Dreame is just three years old and has already seen great success. Within the first five months of its inception, the reading hub saw upwards of 1 million users. Nowadays, over 100 million passionate readers use the app to catch up on their favorite novelists, find unique stories to read and relate to and become inspired to create new worlds and adventures for readers all over the globe.

The reading hub works under an umbrella app, called Stary, where writers are provided with the necessary tools to publish their work, the direction of which sub-app is best to reach the maximum readership, and the ability to monetize their finished pieces. Writers start getting paid once they publish over 3000 words to the platform. Once they reach this goal, they work with Stary to come up with a contract that encompasses payment and commission rates, which is easily accessible to the writer at all times.

Dreame has successfully built a close-knit community of devoted book-lovers and storytellers with a colorful world full of wonders, beauty, and miracles. The app’s direct focus is to not only offer a space that fosters conversations among inspired women but also to provide a viewing window into the female mind and become a reflection of what would like to see in this world.


Both apps are available on Apple App Store and Google Play.

Learn more here. 

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