Downsizing, Storage, and Organization: Making the Move From a House to an Apartment

Moving from a home to an apartment can be part of an exciting new lifestyle. However, many apartments have less square footage than traditional homes, so you may have to downsize your current household and relocate only the essential furnishings that you plan to use. Here are some tips for downsizing and reorganizing your household belongings.

Eliminate Clutter

Moving into a smaller place gives you the opportunity to get rid of things you no longer use. Broken furniture that you never got around to fixing and clothes that have gone out of style are among the first things you should get rid of. Many apartments have less closet space and smaller room sizes than a typical home, so you can plan to just move the possessions that you are sure will be needed. Donate or sell your unneeded items before moving, which could save packing time and moving costs.

Effectively Utilize Storage Space

Take inventory of all the storage areas in your new apartment. Notice the location and size of each closet as well as cupboards, shelves, and nooks as well as extended storage the building might offer in a basement, attic, or adjoining area. Decide where everything will go before putting away your unpacked household goods. 

If you will be storing cartons or boxes, label them so you can readily identify the things you’re looking for when they’re needed. A helpful rule of thumb is to store easy-to-access items in the central part of the apartment at mid-height, with less-commonly-used things in more distant areas or higher and lower spaces.

Use proper storage organizers to safely pack items, especially ones that are easily damaged. For seasonal decorations, such as Christmas ornaments and Halloween trinkets, use special storage bags made for keeping fragile items safe. This way, you can use those ornaments a few more times and save money. 

Reorganize Your Household Layout

When you move into your apartment, don’t feel as though the furnishings have to go in the same rooms and areas as they did in your previous home. Experiment by moving things around and trying new arrangements. You might find creative ways to display wall art and organize the furniture. You can also put away cooking utensils that you don’t often use, like a deep fryer or a wok that you might have left out in your former, larger kitchen, and enjoy more open counter space in your new kitchen.

Don’t Buy New Furnishings Yet

While it’s fun to furnish a new apartment, wait and see how some of your current things look as you settle in. For example, if you give away an old sofa but keep a loveseat and matching stuffed chairs for the apartment, you might not need to replace the sofa, as the loveseat and chairs might be the perfect fit in your new living room. Or you might decide to give away the loveseat as well and buy just a new sofa instead of both items. You may be able to make do with less, so don’t go furniture shopping until you see how everything looks.

Apartments can be economically priced and sized to make daily life more efficient. If you’re moving from a house to an apartment, prepare for your transition before moving in.

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