Don’t Forget These 4 Cities when Considering Moving

When choosing a new place to live, there are many things to consider. The cost of living, job opportunities, culture, quality of education, and climate are all things to research before deciding which city to head to next. There are so many great places to live across the U.S. that we had trouble picking just one, so here are our top 4 choices for which cities you need to consider before deciding on the perfect place to relocate.

Alexandria, Virginia

The city of Alexandria is one of the best to live in Virginia, as well as on the East Coast in general. It consistently ranks high for the quality of public schools in the area, as well as diversity. When it comes to crime, it is extremely low in Alexandria, and it can be considered one of the more affluent and historical towns in the state. If you’re looking for culture and history, this city is for you. While Alexandria real estate can be steep due to its affluence, it is worth every penny when it comes to beauty and quality. The median household income here is over $30,000 higher than the national average, meaning you’ll be able to spend a little bit extra on a home if you get a good job in the Alexandria area. 

Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you’re looking for a place with a strong working force, look no further than Colorado Springs. Job opportunities are endless, particularly in the IT and tech industries as well as medical, finance, and tourism. Schools in Colorado Springs are top-notch, and the cost of living here is relatively low. If you’re looking to move to Colorado, the homes in Colorado Springs are often more affordable than other cities in this state. Those who are into nature will find happiness here, as there are many great places to hike and camp. In fact, you’ll notice the casual demeanor of many business professionals, who often look like they’re on their way to hike a mountain rather than attend a business luncheon. If you’re looking for a laid-back, healthy lifestyle, Colorado Springs is for you.

Austin, Texas

Austin is another great city when it comes to employment. Their unemployment rate is low compared to the national average, meaning there are many opportunities here for you and your family. The warm weather is another reason to move to Austin, especially if you’re tired of shoveling snow during the winter months, with average temperatures rarely dipping below 40-50 degrees. If you’re looking for more of a trendy, artsy area to live, check out East Austin. If you’re more concerned with affordability but still want access to the downtown area and city life, North Austin is the way to go. If you don’t want to settle and want affordability AND culture, South Austin is both inexpensive and full of culture and nightlife.

Portland, Oregon

Every year, Portland ranks high when it comes to ranking the best places to live in the U.S. due to its relaxed culture, increasing job opportunities, and progressive attitudes. The average age in Portland falls just under 40 years old, so if you’re young and looking for an accepting environment full of diversity, artistic expression, and a young, highly educated population, this city is perfect for you. Job opportunities here, especially for young professionals looking to break into the tech industry, are incredible, with tech leaders such as Intel as well as an abundance of start-up companies in need of dedicated, hard-working individuals.

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  1. My kids and I are getting ready to move and our options are totally open. Colorado Springs was on the list.

  2. I pick Portland! You had me at diversity and educated population. I didn’t know that most people living there are under 40. I love progressive cities.

  3. Oh how I’d love to live in Austin! Alexandria is too big city for me with DC so close by (and so expensive), but the others I’d consider with Austin definitely being my first choice!

  4. I have a guy friend who moved to Austin,TX. He looks like he really enjoys himself there lots to do.

  5. These cities are great places to live in.When moving to a new place it is essential to check the living costs and facilities.

  6. My friend lives in colorado springs and she always says that she lives the place so much!If I get a chance will check it!

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