Do You Need a Water Treatment System?

Because water that is contaminated with micro-organisms and other pathogens has the potential to cause disease, water quality is very important. On the other hand, there is a cost involved in the purchase and installation of water treatment systems Pittsburgh PA, and you may have questions about whether it is worth the expense.

In 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency determined that the water supply in the United States is safe to drink from the tap in 90 percent of the country. However, in some areas where contaminants persist, a water treatment system may be necessary. Furthermore, even if it is not a necessity in your area, it is something you may wish to invest in based on your own situation and personal preference.

Contaminants Sometimes Found in Water

Different contaminants are found in different areas of the country. To find out if your water is contaminated, and with what, you will need to have water testing done. However, there are particularly dangerous contaminants that you should know about in case they show up in your water. These include poisonous elements like arsenic and lead. Arsenic can cause abdominal complaints, heart disease, and cancer, while lead can damage the neurological system, including the brain.

Another particular danger that can affect tap water in homes is radon. This is a radioactive gas with the potential to cause cancer. Radon is found in the ground, and sometimes digging a well causes it to be released into the well water.

Other contaminants that can sometimes be found in tap water include the following:

  • Pesticides
  • Nitrates
  • Radium
  • Bacteria, parasites, and other microbes

Microbes may not be prevalent in your water supply because of the disinfectants used to remove contaminants, such as chlorine. However, these disinfectants can leave behind residues that are not necessarily dangerous but can affect the water’s taste.

People Who May Benefit From a Water Treatment System

If you know from testing that your water supply is contaminated with a potentially dangerous substance, such as lead or radon, you may benefit from a water treatment system. You may also desire a treatment system if you have a condition that weakens your immune system, and you want to minimize your risk for infection as much as possible.

Some people do not require water treatment for safety reasons but may wish to install a system for reasons of convenience or personal preference. They may have difficulty getting soap to lather properly due to hard water or wish to improve the taste of the supply that comes from the tap. Protect your home and have your water checked today.

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