Different Types Of Timber Flooring For Your Home

Timber flooring brings elegance and a classy appeal to your home that is not experienced in other materials used on floors. Sometimes it is a challenge to make up our minds whether to use wood on the floors or not. The patterns of a wooden floor might be inconsistent, or it might be irritating to hear squeaks in different seasons or when you walk on the board. However, we cannot deny that these very features add character and personality to a house. Wood provides a chic appearance and a rustic appeal to the house.

We have a deep-rooted connection with timber flooring as it makes us feel closer to nature. Here is a guide to help you out with timber flooring.

The Common Types Of Timber That May Be Used In Timber Flooring Purposes:

1) Spotted Gum: This is a highly versatile variety of timber with color from sandy to chocolate brown, along with pink and olive undertones as well.

2) Blackbutt: This is a straight-running grain with pale coloring strain of timber, and it is ideal for staining.

3) Ironbark: Grey to red colors and a rough texture make this a timber variety with lot of character.

4) Jarrah: This hardwood grows slowly and is known for its rich red tones and easy to discern grainy texture.

5) Oak: Oak has creamy light-brown notes, growth rings and a delicate grain in varieties ranging from the Tasmanian to French and American variants. It goes well with a Scandinavian design, especially if it is smoked limed oak.

Advantages of Timber Flooring

  1. a) Cleaning is easy: All you need to do is a sweep and a mop from time to time to clean timber flooring. Unlike carpet, dust mites have nowhere to settle them and can be easily exterminated while cleaning thee type of floors. Spilling drinks (like wine) would be a disaster on a carpet but, on a timber base flooring you can easily wipe it up with a sponge or tissue.
  1. b) Healthier Option: An amazing fact is that one square meter of carpet can have up to around 100, 000 dust mites. Timber flooring has unbelievable anti-allergic properties because it is so easy to clean. This makes it difficult for the dust mites and other allergens to cause havoc for people prone to respiratory issues.
  1. c) Easy on the Pockets: Buying timber maybe expensive at the start but timber flooring is an affordable option in the long term. If you clean regularly and coat it correctly, the finish will last almost 10 years. Re-coating a timber floor is far more affordable than replacing carpets, which wear out much faster in about the same time.

Disadvantages Of Timber Floors

Even though there are a number of advantages to having timber flooring, you should also be informed about disadvantages so that you can make a balanced decision after weighing all the pros and cons.

  1. a) Below the grade: This means that the floor is either in contact with the ground or it is in a low-lying position that is not very well ventilated. You should not install timber flooring in such a scenario as it is prone to harm from moisture and humidity.
  1. b) Washrooms are a big no-no for timber: Wood is vulnerable to water damage and therefore timber flooring in your bathroom is not the best option. Water splashed about or pooling from bath tubs and showers can cause damage to the flooring. On top of that, the humidity from the bath or shower also affects it.
    1. c) Scratches: Timber flooring can showcase scratch marks easily. It is particularly susceptible to furniture marks and clawing from pets.

Now that you know more about timber flooring the list for choosing a floor material is perhaps narrowed down for you. Explore the markets and consult experts to know more about timber flooring.

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  1. Ooh la la! I feel so excited now after you specified that timber floorings have impeccable allergen-resistant properties, making them suitable for people with sinus issues especially. My cousin has been considering remodeling her bedroom this summer but she’s not sure if she still wants to retain the huge carpet inside the area. I’ll suggest this alternative to her so she can order an appropriate installation soon after.

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