Comfortable and Casual Outfit Ideas For Date Night

Preparing for a date should be fun! You shouldn’t have to stress out over what to wear. It should be as simple as putting on an outfit you feel comfortable in, possibly wearing pheromones for women to enhance your confidence, or your favorite perfume, and heading out the door! Lots of women have favorite dresses that they like to wear on first dates, but it gets harder to choose outfits once you’ve been dating the same person for a while. Here are some fun new ideas to help you put together date-worthy looks.

Cocktail Dress

It’s a classic for a reason. Cocktail dresses have fallen out of fashion with younger women, but that’s precisely why you should want to make this bold choice. The best thing about wearing a cocktail dress is that it instantly upgrades the whole date. Your outfit might inspire you to suggest going to the fancy, upscale wine bar you’ve been too intimidated to visit previously. Just imagine how special you’ll feel sipping wine and eating cheese while dressed up like a movie star. Of course, you could also wear a fancy dress to your favorite local dive bar or pizza joint. The idea is that you’re injecting a new feeling into your concept of a date by wearing something you might not have worn before.

Cozy Sweater

If you ask men how they’d prefer women to dress, many would say that they prefer casual clothes that indicate how comfortable women are in their relationships. You should never adjust your style in order to appeal to men, but sometimes it’s helpful to know what men think. It’s just another option to keep in your fashion arsenal. You can opt for comfort without looking sloppy by wearing a high-quality sweater. A sweater with an interesting knit pattern or especially flattering fit can be worn with any type of bottom. It elevates jeans and complements a simple skirt. Something about a sweater just seems a little more considered and put-together than a regular top in a similar style. A sweater with a V-neckline is particularly flattering.

Basic T-Shirt 

For a casual date night, you’ll want to keep it simple. A good basic T-shirt will have a light fabric and a comfortable fit with subtle detailing. It’s easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and versatile enough to dress down or up. They’re great for casual dates, meetings with friends, and lounging around. So when it comes to getting clothes for a date night, there’s no better option.

Utility Jacket

Figuring out the outer layer is one of the hardest parts of putting together a date outfit. You might not want to wear your usual workday cardigan or your overly casual hoodie. A regular coat will be removed once you get to your date destination. A utility jacket resolves all of these issues. The survivalist, vaguely military-style is unique and edgy for a woman. It looks like you deliberately chose it, not that you threw it on at the last minute. You do have to be a bit careful when planning your outfit around this type of jacket. If you wear jeans or any type of pants, it won’t look like a date outfit at all. However, a loose t-shirt dress or a fitted sundress would look great under a utility jacket. You could add visual interest with patterned leggings, textured tights, or statement-making boots.


It can be tough to incorporate jeans into a date outfit. Once you’ve got the jeans on, it can be too tempting to go casual with all the other pieces in your ensemble. If you’re set on wearing jeans, you have to balance things out by going a bit fancy with everything else. You shouldn’t view this as an annoyance or a compromise. This is the fun part! Putting together a date outfit is an opportunity to experiment with how you present yourself to new people. Make sure the jeans are on the newer side and that there aren’t any signs of obvious wear. Choose a pair that shows off all of the best parts of your figure. When in doubt, pick a top with a bit of sparkle on it. It might be helpful to pick out your jeans and shoes at the same time. Straight-leg jeans call for heels or slim-fitting boots, while bootcut jeans can be worn with flats or nice sandals.

Casual Dress

Sometimes a cute, girlish dress is all you need to wear to feel special on your big date. A skater dress is a good choice, as the flattering flared skirt and flirty short length make for a garment that is as universally flattering as a dress can be. You could also wear something that flows a bit more loosely around the body, like a swing dress. For a day date, wear ballet flats and carry a small handbag or wristlet. For a nighttime excursion, layer some long necklaces, stack some bracelets on your wrists, and brighten your complexion with some fresh blush. These simple additions are great bases for bold accessorizing.

Keep these ideas in mind the next time you get ready for an exciting date!  When you look and feel comfortable, you’ll spend less time worrying about your appearance and more time staying in the moment and enjoying yourself. 


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