Collateral Damage: 3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Belongings Safe While Renovating

The process of renovating can be challenging under the best of circumstances. Not only are various workmen coming in and out of your house constantly, but drywall dust and other debris get everywhere. Some people prefer to schedule renovations when they are out of town entirely, while others want to be there to check in on a daily basis. No matter which route you choose, however, it is important to prepare your home for renovations. Here are 3 easy ways to keep your belongings safe during renovations.

Move Everything Away from Renovation Area

From heavy foot traffic carrying heavy equipment and materials to drywall and sawdust everywhere, your home will be in upheaval during renovations. That means you want to protect furniture and flooring in your entire home, not just where the renovations are happening. If you can, your best bet is to remove everything from main living areas and move it all into unused space as far away from the renovations as possible. Remember that drywall dust and sawdust will creep through any cracks and crevices, so even when you move everything, you still want to cover it over and seal it off as best you can.

Use a Temporary Storage Unit

While it may be something of a hassle, moving all of your furniture into a storage unit can actually be one of the best ways to prepare your home for renovations. Not only that, but all that empty space makes things easier on workers and can actually help speed the process of renovations. Anything that can help renovations go more quickly and smoothly is bound to be a good thing. In addition, if you have the opportunity to be away from home while renovations are taking place, you never have to worry about your possessions being stolen or damaged.

Cover Everything

The best way to keep your stuff safe is to remove it from the house entirely, but that isn’t always an option for everyone. The last best solution is to cover everything in plastic that you can and remove the rest. You should remove everything from open shelves and then cover the shelves in thick plastic. Cover the floors and carpets and remove curtains and drapes. Overall, think of how you would prepare for a giant indoor sandstorm and act accordingly.

No matter how well you prepare, renovations are a pretty big upheaval. While moving your possessions or covering everything may seem like a monumental task, you will almost always be glad you did.

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