Care for Grandma: How to Watch over Your Aging Grandparent

Contributed by Meghan Belnap

The bond between a grandparent and their grandchildren can be very special. As your grandparents start to advance in age, you can feel the need to protect them. There are plenty of things to keep in mind as well as options to consider. Here are four tips for how to watch over your aging grandparent.

Make Sure They’re Receiving Good Care

Whether you’re caring for your grandparent yourself or have them in In Your Home Care, you need to make sure they’re looked after. Caring for an elderly grandparent yourself can be demanding and difficult to fit into your work schedule. Therefore, a high-quality facility is often the best way to go. They should be in one that’s reputable and has plenty of medical and emotional support for your grandparent.

Stay in Touch with Them

You want your grandparent to know that you’re there for them, and interacting with them is the perfect way to demonstrate this. You should visit and call them on a regular basis. Ask about how they’re feeling and what they’ve been up to or thinking about. They will appreciate you value them as a human, rather than just staying away from them in fear of being uncomfortable.

Pay Attention to Their Health

Even if you’re not a doctor, you can and should keep tabs on your grandparent’s health. Pay attention to their demeanor, both physical and mental. Make sure that you know their doctor and communicate any necessary information to them right away. They should also get you informed about the status of your grandparent’s health. You also want to ensure that their doctor is properly equipped to handle their health. If you don’t entirely trust them, you might want to get a second opinion or have them seen by another medical professional.

Keep Them Active

Feeling more youthful can go a long way when it comes to making an older person feel better. While your grandparent won’t be able to run a marathon or go dancing, you can do things to help them re-energize themselves. You can bring them out for some fresh air and some nice food. This is a very selfless act that can show them how much you care.

We hope this has given you a great idea of how to care for an aging grandparent. As your grandparents get older, the more they need assistance and companionship. By following these tips, you can show your aging grandparent how much you care.

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