Can Bottle Feeding be a Good Alternative to Breast Milk?

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Everyone already knows about the importance of breastfeeding in the baby’s development. However, not every mother can or wants to breastfeed. Although the WHO recommendation is to feed the baby with breast milk as long as possible, mothers often choose bottle feeding with baby formulas. Regardless of the decision, young mothers should be supported by family and relatives, as well as doctors and lactation consultants.

Baby Formula vs. Natural Breast Milk

Of course, no one can say that formula milk is more valuable than breast milk. After all, breast milk is perfect since it adapts to the baby’s age and current needs from the very first moments after birth. Some chemicals (especially enzymes and hormones) cannot be synthesized or obtained from other sources. Consequently, infant formula meets most of your baby’s needs, but not 100%. Still, it does not change the fact that artificial mixtures, such as the HiPP formula Newborn, are indicated as an alternative at every stage of a child’s development. They contain the most important vitamins (both D3 and those from group B), minerals, and prebiotics, supporting digestion and maintaining normal intestinal flora.

Baby formula production standards indicate the amounts of nutrients that must be present at each stage. There are three of them. As the mother’s milk changes as the baby grows, the baby formula also has different proportions of ingredients depending on the intended use. 

So, there is a formula for newborns, used until the baby is 6 months old. This is in line with the WHO recommendations on the minimum period of breastfeeding. The next stage is baby formula up to the age of 12 months. It has more protein and iron compounds to prevent anemia. After a year, it is recommended to use junior milk along with the planned expansion of the diet.

Choosing Baby Formula

As with any product for a baby, the doctor’s opinion and observation of the baby’s behavior are important. If you are worried about an allergic reaction (e.g. an older child is allergic) to cow’s milk protein, you can use the formula based on goat’s milk. Another solution is hypoallergenic milk, which contains hydrolyzed whey protein, safe for allergy sufferers. In the case of colic or other digestive difficulties in a baby, consider products designed for such ailments. When preparing the mixture, remember to carefully follow the hygienic and quantitative recommendations so that the baby receives only wholesome food.

What to Do When the Mother Cannot Breastfeed Only?

Expectant mothers usually plan one way to feed their little ones — breastfeeding or, failing that, baby formula. However, there is also a third alternative — mixed feeding.

How to introduce baby formula milk to a baby’s diet? The first step is to check with a pediatrician and choose the appropriate product. The next step is choosing the right moment for the baby to taste the formula for the first time. A favorable moment for this is when the baby is not hungry. The introduction of a new product should be postponed if the child is vaccinated, is teething severely, or has an infection. If there are no contraindications, ensure to give your baby formula milk in the same position as you usually attach it to the breast and in the same room where the breastfeeding usually takes place.

The baby may taste the baby formula better than the mother’s milk, or it can be completely the opposite, and the taste of the formula will be difficult for it to accept. In such a situation, try to mix both types of milk, giving more of the milk that the baby accepts better, and then changing these proportions.

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