Buying an Old Home? 4 Things to Upgrade Immediately

Even though older homes can be incredibly charming, many of those structures require quite a bit of work. If you have recently decided to move into an older home, then you might want to consider a few key upgrades and add-ons.


While a residential electrical system should last for decades, that is one of the first things that you need to check before purchasing a home. Some of the signs of a damaged electrical system including discoloration around the sockets, flickering lights, and unusual burning smells. Replacing the wires is going to be a major investment, but a damaged system will put your home and family in danger. At the very least, you should hire a local electrician who can carefully test the entire system.


The overall lifespan of a residential plumbing system depends on a wide variety of factors including what type of material the pipes are made from, how many people lived in the home, and what minerals are in the local water supply. As a general rule, a home’s pipes should last for at least 40 years. When the pipes are more than 40 years old, there is a very good chance that they will begin to leak and crack as the seasons change.


Replacing an HVAC system is another major investment, but that upgrade could pay off in the long run. Older HVAC systems are notoriously inefficient, and you may find out that your energy bills are completely unmanageable because of your heating and cooling costs. Most residential air conditioning and heating systems last for at least 15 years as long as they are professionally serviced once every six months.

Materials With Asbestos

It is an unfortunate fact that many older homes were built with materials that contain asbestos, and that fibrous mineral is incredibly dangerous. Asbestos is usually found in insulation and drywall, but it might also be in your home’s tiles or paint. Luckily, testing for asbestos is a relatively easy process, and most home improvement centers sell inexpensive testing kits. If you find that mineral in your home, then you must contact a company that specializes in asbestos abatement.

While these few upgrades are going to be a great start, you should also think about having your home professionally inspected. An experienced inspector is going to look over every inch of your property and help you find any maintenance or structural problems that need to be addressed.

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