10 Unique Kitchen Designs

Whether the decor is contemporary European or based on themes found in the American southwest or a Victorian cottage in the English countryside, every homeowner wants their kitchen to be unique. The kitchen is the heart of many homes and guests might remember it above all the other rooms in the house. With that in mind, here are 10 unique kitchen design ideas:

Industrial Chic 

One kitchen with a color scheme of blacks, grays and whites can be dominated by an island made of a great slab of concrete or stone with space at one end for a cooktop and the best garbage disposal. The rest of the kitchen has a line of frameless cabinets against one wall separated by a backsplash of black glass.

Crazy Colors 

A homeowner shouldn’t be scared of intense colors. One kitchen has a wall with a built in oven that’s a shade of purple. The purple is echoed on the glass shades of the chandelier over the kitchen table and a backsplash made up of a photograph of a field of lavender. Another kitchen may use turquoise or other shades of blue, red or pink for cabinets, the base of the kitchen island, floor cabinets and an accent wall. 


As a homeowner should not be afraid of bold colors, they should not be afraid of wallpaper. There are wallpapers that are made to bear up against the heat and humidity that’s found in the kitchen. Though wallpaper is not recommended on every wall, it can look stunning on an accent wall. 

The Power of Wood 

One kitchen also has wooden, adjustable shutters over the windows, a wooden door frame with a transom and wooden floors. Wooden floors are appropriate for a kitchen as long as they are sealed and well-maintained.

Banquettes Instead of Kitchen Chairs 

A roomier kitchen uses a banquette instead of kitchen chairs. These banquettes are upholstered in plush fabrics or sumptuous leatherette. They can also give the diners a feeling that they’re in their favorite lounge or family-style restaurant instead of someone’s kitchen. 

Alternative Kitchen Islands 

Kitchen islands can have unusual shapes and be made with materials that don’t often go together, such as wood and concrete. Split-level kitchen islands are also trending. 


Though traditional kitchens have fireplaces, consider one actually built into the kitchen island and powered by gas emitted from a pipe buried in glass chips. Some kitchens have a firepit whose smoke is vented through a hood in the ceiling. 

Stained Glass Windows 

A kitchen with a futuristic kitchen island is complemented with a series of stained glass windows in one wall. The stained glass can depict traditional subjects such as flowers or have an abstract design. 


An especially adventurous homeowner might turn their kitchen island into an aquarium. It may even have a built in sink and a cooktop.

Futuristic Lighting 

A kitchen can have panels of blue lights in the walls, LED task lights under the wall cabinets and in the toe kicks, lighted shelves for the best stemware and a chandelier of black crystals surrounded by sunken lights in the ceiling.

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