How to Bring Your Hair Back to Life After Winter

Thankfully, winter is slowly coming to an end. However, your hair is still feeling the winter effects. Between the dry air and the cold air, your hair likely lacks moisture and experiencing split ends and breakage. Have no fear, though, because here are some great ways you can bring your winter hair back to life.

Maintain a healthy body- By paying attention to your overall health, you can help your hair get healthy at the same time. Start by drinking plenty of water and consuming essential vitamins and nutrients. Eat more lean meats, vegetables, and fruit, along with omega-3 fatty acids.

Give your hair a trim- One of the best ways to revive winter hair is to get a good trim. You don’t have to get a short cut, but just enough to remove the damaged hair, which usually includes the ends.

Put away the styling tools- For now, put away the blow dryers, the straightening irons and the curling irons. These styling tools produce heat that your hair really doesn’t need right now, since they can cause additional hair damage and breakage.

Avoid excess brushing- While you may be used to brushing your hair several times a day, you want to steer clear of excess brushing for the time being. The more that you brush your hair, the more tension your hair will have, which can lead to hair breakage. If possible, use a wide-tooth comb on your hair. If you absolutely must brush your hair, let it dry quite a bit before doing so. Brushing your hair when it is wet is when it is most prone to damage.

Use a clarifying shampoo- While you probably used a moisturizing shampoo on your hair during the winter months, now is the time to switch to a clarifying shampoo instead. Clarifying shampoos are made to deep cleanse your hair and get rid of all the build-up in your hair, from shampoos, conditioners and styling products.


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