Best Types Of Holiday For The Family

For the whole of the year, many of us look forward to the respite that a relaxing family holiday can bring, but it can be stressful sometimes to decide where to go and what to do to please the hoard.

The kids will want somewhere with plenty of things to do, places to go and ways to get covered in mud. And the adults? A book by the pool or a place to escape reality is more than good enough. Let’s talk through the different types of holiday you can enjoy with all of the family.


If you’re not afraid to get down in the mud and grit your teeth for a week in a cold tent, then camping is an excellent option for you. Not only will it be cheaper than many different types of accommodation, but it will also teach your children about the outdoors. If you don’t send the kids to scouts already, this will be an opportunity to teach them how to light a fire, tie knots and name different species in the area. Here are some awesome camping recipes to teach the kids:


A holiday resort is the easiest option to ensure that you and the children have plenty of things to do while you are away. Featuring accommodation, restaurants, water parks, and evening entertainment; these are a surefire way to keep you and the kids busy.


Adventure holidays are resorts which also contain activities such as paintballing, go-karting and tree climbing. If you are looking for a sense of excitement and exercise in a safe place, this is a great option.

Lodges and Cottages

The main advantage of renting out a cottage or a lodge for the duration of your stay is that you have total privacy. Lodges are often owned by a holiday park and can be rented for a self-catered experience for your stay. has a range of different options in different locations and for different price ranges. The ability to have your own working home is one which is popular amongst many families.


Hotels are the main form of holiday accommodation for those who wish to travel abroad. Staying in a place where you don’t need to cook and clean makes for a very relaxing getaway. And of course, bagging a couple of loungers by the pool means you can keep an eye on the kids while they play and sit back, and top up your tan.

Stay Local

If you don’t want to fork out for accommodation, many are opting for stay-aways. Stay in the comfort of your own home for the duration of your time off work, and simply drive to places you’ve always wanted to go. Spend a day in the museum, amusement park or simply go down to the seafront. Your local area has more to offer than you realize, you just need to know where to look!


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