Best Food to Help Wean Your Baby

Are you considering weaning and introducing your baby to a new food, but you have not made up your mind yet? Perhaps your intended move is inspired by a couple of reasons. Whatever the reason, you need to know the best food to help wean your baby, as you will discover below.

And since you might be looking for foods that are favorable to the young ones, we went deep in our research to find food that is favorable to kids and their nutritional value in their health.

So as you keep reading, rest assured the article below will expound on the best food to help wean your baby.

1. Fresh Fruits

If you’re looking for the best foods to help wean your baby, fruits should be atop your list of considerations. With avocado being one of the fruits, it’s reputable for providing healthy fats for toddlers; you’ll barely have to include them in the diet with the help of other fruits like mangoes, pears, apples, etc.

Since some of the fruits are consumed raw, for the kid, gently mash some of these fruits before feeding them to babies’ tablespoons respectively.

2. Soups

Did you know that soup is another best food to help wean your kid? That’s right; vegetable soups make a delicious meal for the toddler. Since soups are water, the baby will be well hydrated. Besides, vegetable soup is packed in nutrition which plays a vital role in the kids’ development.

3. Water

 It’s said that water is life! It carries a lot of nutritional value in body function. Also, water is a must-have nutrient to help wean your baby. Babies are prone to taking solid food, this is a time to introduce them to water as it helps in food digestion, detoxifying the baby’s body and keeping the digestive system healthy.

4. Green Vegetables

One of the greatest worries when introducing your baby to green vegetables is, will my kid eat greens. Well, that’s one thing you can remove from your worry list when you have to wean your baby. Green vegetables such as spinach and pea leaves are packed with both mineral salts and iron that your kid needs for body function at the optimum level. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best food to help wean your baby, green leafy vegetables should be your priority.

5. Legumes

Need to wean your baby and introduce them to food? Legumes are the other best food to help you carry the process smoothly. They are packed with proteins and fiber, among other nutrients to ensure your kid to adapt to new feeding program. Legumes for kids can either be boiled, mashed or even seasoned before serving.


Weaning is a process that is anything but demanding; as long as you introduce the best foods, you check out their nutrient value, and you correctly prepare them, you’re good to go.

But wait, that’s not the end of the road; you also want to collaborate with the pediatrician to offer you additional advice on the best food to help wean your baby. 

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