Adventures Over 50: How To Plan A Cross-Country Road Trip 

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Traveling when you’re over 50 can be a freeing experience. By the time most people reach middle age, they will have more disposable income and the ability to do the things they love most. A cross-country road trip through the US is often pretty high on most people’s bucket lists, but it is important to get the planning right and ensure you have the best possible time.  

Preparation is always key when planning a cross-country road trip. Of course, you should allow the opportunity for spontaneity, but the broader trip should have a plan and structure. It is a good idea to research the places you can stop and the things you can do between your destinations.  

Make A Detailed Itinerary 

While you don’t need to stick to every step of your travel plan, it is still a good idea to have the broad strokes planned out. Consider making a list of the various areas you could stop on your route, whether for a rest or to visit a local attraction or landmark. Knowing where to stop to refuel the car or have a bathroom break can be invaluable when you’re on the road and potentially out of cell service.  

Stop Regularly 

A road trip isn’t about making good time, it is about savoring the little things along the way. If you’re traveling with a partner, consider stopping regularly to switch drivers, allowing you both time to take in the gorgeous landscape as it goes by. Regular breaks are also great for comfort stops and stretching your legs. Don’t be afraid to take unscheduled pitstops if you have something up ahead that you want to explore.  

Get Quality Insurance 

You’ll need to know that you and your car are protected in case of an accident on the road. Not only that, but auto insurance is mandatory in most US states. Look for insurance that offers excellent benefits, including recovery and rescue, a courtesy car, and liability protection. An excellent example of what to look for is car insurance from The Hartford, which is a Texan industry leader in quality, comprehensive auto insurance for those over 50.

Rent An RV 

An RV can be a perfect option for a cross-country road trip, combining a place to stay and cook with your own transportation. RVs can get pretty pricy to buy outright, so consider renting an RV instead. You can usually find great deals on RV rentals, particularly during the off-peak season or if you’re willing to sacrifice one or two creature comforts on your journey. RVs are also large and tricky to handle, so make sure to do some test drives before you take it out onto the road.  


A cross-country road trip can be an incredible way to see the US. It can be as relaxing or as exhilarating as you want it to be, and with the right planning, you’ll have the trip of a lifetime. Just make sure to take or rent a quality vehicle on your trip, get excellent and comprehensive insurance, and above all, have fun. 

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