A Step By Step Guide to Revamping Your Kitchen Space Safely

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You will agree with me that the kitchen is really the soul of the house. But having a functional kitchen from the ground is no easy task, especially if you are remodeling one. The kitchen is no longer just a stunning backsplash. In fact, families are now incorporating working space in what has now become the hub of the modern house. Here are a few tips for incorporating when remodeling your new kitchen.

Layout and functionality

Based on the space you have, determine how efficiently you can work with that space. Your kitchen should be airly open and allow you to move freely. Identify the areas often visited while cooking, such as the sink and fridge. These areas should not be far apart to minimize your movements. Going from your stove t your sink to your fridge should feel natural, and there shouldn’t be obstacles in the way that prevent you from cooking or moving around effectively.

Have a budget

You must have an estimated budget before you start the remodeling. The average cost to renovate your kitchen is $26,173 US. Higher renovations could cost up to $50,000. Having a realistic budget is crucial. The right way of determining the budget is by ensuring that the cost does not go above 5 to 15% of the total value of your home.

The budget should be divided based on the essential areas of focus. These will include;

Cabinets and Hardware

Your stove is the most visible and used appliance in your kitchen. It comes in a myriad of colors and styles. Invest in one within your budget but also one that will make your kitchen attractive.

Water and drainage

Water is of course, indispensable when it comes to cooking. Besides altering the taste of our foods and drinks and ensuring our kitchen stays clean, having a robust water infiltration and drainage system is crucial in enhancing the functionality of your kitchen. Have quality water pipes. Cement pipes are often made with asbestos which could have significant adverse effects on your health. According to Asbestos.Net, continued consumption of water contaminated with asbestos increases the risk of getting cancer. Asbestos also affects the lungs by blocking air passages.

Visit a few showrooms and stores before deciding on the best water infiltration system that suits your house.

Speak to a professional

In-depth kitchen renovations will require a professional. This should be included in your budget. The cost of contractors and designers will vary based on your location. Electrical installation, plumbing, and appliance installation are tasks you might not be able to complete on your own. Avoid creating more work for yourself.

Ensure you run a demo of the kitchen before the professionals leave. This will allow you to identify areas that require amendments or replacements, such as failed lighting or licking taps.

Once the painting has been done, add some kitchen decor to make it all attractive!

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