9 Benefits Of Henna Powder To Make You Beautiful & Healthy

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Henna has been a women’s best friend from the moment the diverse benefits of henna were realized. From making her look beautiful with alluring henna designs to dyeing her hair and relaxing her from the inside, henna powder helped her to get better in every possible way. Though the research studies may seem insufficient to validate the claims of potential benefits of henna powder, it has been used as a natural compound to strengthen, nourish and beautify women’s tresses for thousands of years. 

What is Henna?

Henna, botanically known as Lawsonia Inermis, is a flowering plant natively grown in India, North Africa, and parts of Southwest Asia. The leaves of henna are sifted, dried, and crushed to form organic henna powder. Pour water or black tea and stir hard until a curd-like consistency is attained for henna paste. Adding essential oils like Eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil will improve the staining properties of henna and also help remove toxins from the body when applied. This arrangement was made available only with professional saloons, or henna artists. What’s surprising is that you don’t have to exhaust all your savings to look prettier. You can prepare henna at home and apply it fresh on your skin to get a safe henna tattoo or hair dye experience. Not every woman can design like a Pro. But it doesn’t make you small. If you have ditched chemical body art tattoos to try henna for the first time, you can create unique designs using henna stencils. All you need is to cut through designs, mix, and match, and stick it on your skin to apply the henna paste over. The flattering henna designs are ready to make you speechless the next day.    

9 Amazing Benefits Of Henna Powder 

Let’s tap into the ultimate benefits of organic henna powder that can amaze you in the most unimaginable ways.

1. Hair Dying

The leaves of the henna plant contain lawsone molecules with natural coloring properties. For this reason, henna powder has been traditionally used in skin coloring and hair dyeing for more than thousands of years. Pure henna powder extracted from the plant is safe to apply on hair and skin. The henna hair dye prepared from organic henna powder is safe to use, cost-effective, and enhances your hair health while providing beautiful hair color. The pure henna powder doesn’t have any side effects. Black henna and commercial henna powders with added chemicals and preservatives cause severe allergies, redness, rashes, and even skin cancer.        

2. Treats Your Skin Conditions

Henna is well known for its properties to fight against infections and reduce inflammation. Traditionally, henna powder is used in the treatment as a coagulant on open wounds or spread in the band-aid to soothe inflammation, eczema, and burns. The henna plant leaves have antiseptic properties that can treat fungal and bacterial infections. Henna has been used in treatments as it has a natural cooling effect on the skin in addition to other medicinal benefits.  

3. Relieves Arthritis Pain

Your fingertips and feet have more nerve endings than any other part of the body. When henna is applied to the hands & feet, it takes away excess heat from the nerves and thus induces a cooling effect on them. As a result, inflammation is reduced and the arthritis pain is relieved. 

4. Improves Your Hair Health

The Organic henna powder contains powerful phytochemicals that stimulate hair follicle growth and restrict the frequent hair fall. Henna paste coats the hair cuticle without penetrating into the roots. It thus prevents hair breakage and strengthens your hair.  

5. Calms Your Mind

Henna has a characteristic natural fragrance that calms down your mind and has a cooling effect on your nerves. Thus, henna powder for tattoos has greater significance in weddings, and other occasions to drain away all the excess heat and stress from you and help you enjoy the party.   

6. Conditions Your Hair & Scalp

Henna is rich in Vitamin E, proteins, and antioxidants. All these compounds combine to condition your hair, repair damage, and soften the texture to make it more silky and shiny. 

7. Deals With Dandruff

Henna powder for hair regulates excess oil production on the scalp. Thus, it helps you fight dandruff or scaly skin issues. The henna powder inhibits the growth of Malassezioa, a fungus that causes dandruff. Applying henna regularly will not only offer you a good hair color but also helps you eliminate dandruff problems over time.

8. Balances Scalp pH Levels 

The scalp consists of sebaceous glands that secret oils naturally. But, due to the harsh external environment and other internal health conditions, an abnormal amount of oil is secreted by the glands resulting in itching, redness, scales on the scalp, and hair loss. Appling pure henna powder for hair frequently soothes the oil-secreting glands and restores your scalp’s natural pH resulting in voluminous hair.    

9. Repairs Split Ends

Split ends occur when the ends of your hair become dry, damaged, and brittle. Split ends are caused due to extreme weather conditions, chemical hair treatments, and hair care techniques like blow drying, straightening, curling, etc. A haircut can offer temporary relief but it cannot prevent the recurrence of split ends. Henna Powder offers a permanent solution to prevent split ends when applied frequently. The natural henna powder has a conditioning and nourishing effect on hair treating dry and damaged hair helping you wave goodbye to the split ends.  

Henna for Kids 

Natural henna powder is the best henna powder for hair. Since it is directly extracted from plants, it is more likely to be safe on skin and hair. You can apply henna to the kids and show them a way to explore their inner potential and creativity with different designs while interacting with nature. The more time they can spend with henna, the better cognitive abilities, and motor skills they can develop over time. Ensure that you keep henna away from infants where there is a risk of consumption. Keep henna away from eyes. If there is any irritation, redness, or allergies, discontinue the use and contact a physician right away.   


Essential oils are toxic to pets. If you have pets at home, do not apply the oils to their skin, dispose in their room or prevent the pets from consuming the essential oils. Contact a vet immediately in case your pet interacts with the essential oils.  Also, some people can be allergic to the essential oils. Essential oils should be used in minimum quantities. Too much use can result in vomiting, nausea, and other potential issues. It’s better to do a small patch test before applying it to the rest of the skin.  

Will Henna Expire?

The natural henna paste is free of chemicals and contains only natural ingredients. It becomes less effective over time as the components physically disintegrate at room temperature. You can store the henna paste in the freezer for up to 3 months and defrost it while using. 


Though henna has had greater significance in weddings for more than 5000 years, it continues to grab attention for many other occasions including hang-out parties, bachelorette parties, picnics, Halloween, etc. Hope you have a memorable henna experience with organic henna powder.  And don’t forget to share your henna story with us. Thanks for reading!

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