8 Signs You Need To Call A Plumber

We all enjoy tackling problems on our own. Minor plumbing repairs can, at times, be addressed on a DIY basis. However, for most plumbing problems, you need to find an experienced plumber to fix your leaks and other piping problems. 

Plumbing problems that go undetected can lead to significant harm. You many face potential structural damage through such occurrences. So, when do you need to call a professional plumber? 

  1. When Your Sink Isn’t Draining

Tubs, toilets, and sinks occasionally clog. A plunger can, at times, help to unclog your sink. You should call a plumber if you didn’t unclog your sink. 

Special tools such as cameras are used by London Plumbers to look deeper into pipes to find the root problem. The dislodging of any troublesome clogs can be done using an auger. Grease, hair, and food remains can build-up leading to plumbing problems.

If you face any repetitive drain problems, call a plumber. You may face a serious plumbing issue. 

  1. Low Water Pressure

Your internal plumbing system may have any issue if your water isn’t flowing forcefully. Spending over 20 minutes in the shower to wash off shampoo isn’t okay. A clogged aerator may lead to your bathroom’s faucet exhibiting this problem.

Low water pressure may lead to high water bills. You may also end up spending lots of time in the bathroom. Lubbock Plumbers can help you fix this problem quickly and efficiently. Calling a plumber will ensure your water pressure is restored. Still, you don’t end up damaging your faucet through DIY projects.     

  1. Back-Flow Issues

Backflow water can be quite disgusting. Any liquid that comes back up the drain is a health hazard. You can be caught off-guard when this happens. 

The cause of backflow is usually simple. A natural downward flow of water can be caused when your home’s water pressure drops. This triggers the water to flow backward. The main valve in your house needs to be closed by a plumber. Then, the backflow problem should be tackled head-on.

  1. Water Is Gurgling Up

There must be something wrong if your toilet gurgles up immediately you start showering. Pinpointing the exact problem is hard. Water may be trapped in the faucet when your drain is clogged. A professional plumbing company in Lubbock  can help you fix this issue. 

Gurgling can result in water spilling out into your home. When this happens, cut the water off. Call a Lubbock plumber to make sure this issue doesn’t get out of hand. 

  1. Water Isn’t Available

Finding out there is no water coming out of your faucet is very disheartening. Didn’t you already pay your water bill? Then, a serious plumbing issue may have caused this problem. 

A leak or an undiscovered blockage can cause this problem. Remember, most of your plumbing isn’t exposed. It is concealed behind your home’s walls. This makes it hard for you to pinpoint the issue. 

An experienced plumber, however, can offer expert opinion and help you find the problem’s source. Diagnostic tools are used to make sure your issue is smoothly and quickly resolved. 

  1. Your Pipes Have Burst

Pipes usually burst during winter months. Water freezes in the pipes, causing bursts. Significant water damage can occur if this isn’t handled promptly. 

Finding the affected pipes isn’t a walk in the park. A professional plumber is better placed to do this given their expertise. A plumber can see if there is a burst pipe under your property’s foundation. Your plumber can even help prevent any leak. This is done when your plumber notices any bulging pipe.  

You could waste a lot of time trying to search for leaks yourself. You could end up heightening the issue. Your plumber can help you avert any problems that can lead to pipe bursts. 

  1. Your Toilet Won’t Stop Running

Do you have a toilet that keeps running after you’ve flushed it? If so, you may end up with a huge water bill. There may be a serious issue with your plumbing system if you have a running toilet.        

Your toilet bowl and tank are connected using a seal. A damaged seal can lead to water leaks. This allows the tank to keep refilling as leaking continues. This problem needs to be quickly remediated by your plumber. This will help you tame any high water bills. 

  1. Your House Smells Like Sewage

A clog or backup can lead to unpleasant smells in your home. A foul smell in your home may be a sign of major plumbing distress. Contact Lubbock Plumbers to help you tackle this problem. 

Heavy rains or storms can cause backups in your sewage system. Still, drainpipes may not be properly ventilated. It is time to call your plumber if you have foul smells in your home. 


You should call your plumber if you are experiencing any plumbing problem in Lubbock, Texas, that you can’t solve alone. This ensures that you get the best plumbing services for your plumbing needs.

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