6 Unforgettable Experiences to Consider for Your Honeymoon

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Your honeymoon is most likely going to be the most romantic trip that you have ever enjoyed. Make this special trip count by taking the time to plan the experiences that will elevate your honeymoon into something that you will never forget. Here are six unforgettable experiences to consider for your honeymoon.

Book a Private Charter Plane

Set the tone for your amazing adventure by booking a charter plane. You may be pleasantly surprised about how affordable a private jet price can be. A private charter will give you more flexibility in your arrival and departure times. You may also be able to land closer to your honeymoon destination, saving you precious time as you get this trip started. Choosing this mode of transportation will take the hassle out of dealing with long lines at the airport. You will most certainly enjoy soaring in the sky with your partner in your private cabin as you start this new season of life.

Upgrade to Club Level

Extend the pampering that you enjoyed on your private jet by upgrading to club level once you arrive at your hotel. Depending on the hotel, a club-level room may enjoy complimentary breakfast and drinks, a comfortable lounge, preferred dining reservations, and more. You can often score a last-minute deal if you wait until check-in to inquire about any potential upgrades.

Plan a Private Dinner

Is there anything more romantic than a private candlelit dinner with your love? No honeymoon is complete without this sort of dining experience. Consider booking a dinner in a private room at a restaurant with a uniquely cultivated menu set just for you. If you are honeymooning at a coastal location, many venues will offer this option right on the beach. If you are staying in a place with a kitchen, another option is to hire a professional chef to come to your condo and cook for you. However you decide to make this happen, it will be worth the time and the money that you invest.

Order a Special Room Delivery

One fun and easy way to elevate your honeymoon are to order a special delivery for your hotel room. Most hotels offer services to add a special delivery to your room to enhance your overall travel experience. What you decide to order largely depends on the tastes and interests of your spouse. Perhaps you want to order a bottle of premium champagne paired with chocolate-covered strawberries? Maybe you want to add a gourmet fresh fruit basket to your room? The hotel concierge will be able to help you craft the ideal surprise to show that you care.

Consider a Special Splurge

In addition to upgrading your transportation, hotel, and dining, consider splurging on a special experience for your trip. There are a variety of experiences that you can book to make this trip stand out. If your trip involves a day lounging around a pool or at the beach, you may want to think about booking a private cabana. Other ideas include a fun excursion, a chartered boat ride, or a private wine tour. A travel planner or hotel concierge will be a good source of ideas if you need some inspiration.

Schedule Plenty of Down Time

With all of the excitement surrounding the wedding and the honeymoon, you are undoubtedly going to welcome some downtime on this trip. A honeymoon is not the type of trip that you want to pack with activities from sunup to sundown. Instead, you want to be purposeful about scheduling plenty of down time so that you can relax and recover from the wedding. 

Planning a down day at the hotel or working on time throughout the trip with nothing on the itinerary will ensure that you have enough time to enjoy being in the moment with each other. You will never get this special time back, making it important that you are not spending the whole trip rushing from one activity to the next.

Bottom Line

These six ideas will provide you with everything that you need to make this trip one for the history books. There is no better time to pull out all of the stops than on your honeymoon.

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